Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 17 , For something with ancient wisdomand amodern twist, Herb Tech Pharma has created a line of oral and topical CBD and botanical products that use modern emulsion technology to enhance the healthcare regimen of people all over the USA and beyond. Here we look at the kind of products that Herb Tech offers and how they work. Many consumers are interested in combining CBD and botanical extracts into their health and wellness regimen. However, many consumers are confused as to how the CBD and botanicals can be used, as well as which ones are right for them. Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals solves this problem by creating a line of 6 oral micro misting and 6 topical emulsion products that combine CBD with portfolios of botanical extracts, organized around need state. Consumers with a physically active lifestyle can instantly recognize the Be- Active product that combines CBD with White Willow Bark, Turmeric, and Comfrey Root extract among others, could be a helpful addition to their regimen. Consumers looking for a restful experience can recognize the Be-Sleepy product that combines CBD with Lavender, Valerian Root, Chamomile and Hops Extract among others, is the best product for their lifestyle. In addition to the unique portfolios of herbal extracts and CBD in each product, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is a specialist in emulsion formulation technology. Herb Tech has developed two Jul21320 patent pending technologies that enhance products performance. The topical products utilize an emulsion system called “Phase Change.” This system is designed to allow rapid penetration of the CBD and botanicals into the skin. This creates an outstanding consumer experience by eliminating the greasy residue and noxious odors characteristic of topical products. The patent pending micro mist technology called “PSM” is designed to enhance the oral experience with a rapidly disappearing spray that has a refreshing taste and overcomes the terrible taste and oily feel of all the “sublingual” products on the marketplace. These enhanced performance characteristics allow the consumer to enjoy a pleasant experience while enhancing the health and wellness regimen. Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals further enhances the consumer experience by precise dose packaging. Most topical and sublingual CBD products are packaged in a way that makes it impossible for the consumer to know how much CBD they have applied. Herb Tech’s metered Best Oral & Topical CBD Pharmaceuticals Company - USA dose packaging eliminates this confusion amid it is designed to allow the consumer to control their experience. Herb Tech product line offers the consumer an advanced CBD and herbal experience that they can readily incorporate into their health lifestyle. Consumers around the globe are switching to the Herb Tech difference. Contact: Laura Stephens Company: Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals Web Address: