Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 21 , Not-for-profit organisation, Above and Beyond, has a vision is to build an individualised treatment experience that is available to anyone in need, regardless of their economic status. Daniel Hostetler tells us more about how this dreamhas come to fruition. Above and Beyond Family Treatment Center is a free, award-winning and innovative behavioural, harm-reduction, outpatient Addiction Treatment Center located on Chicago’s West Side. Its mission is to provide the highest level of behavioural addiction treatment services available anywhere to the people who need them the most. With a non-judgemental, compassionate interface, and staffed with experienced, licensed clinicians, the organisation’s clinical protocol revolves around logotherapy and assisting its patients in uncovering their purpose and meaning in life. “We have very high statistical success, which goes well beyond most self-help groups, with populations that are subject to chronic relapse rates and are mandated to treatment, meaning that they come to us against their will,” explains Executive Director, Daniel Hostetler, who brings with him more than 30 years’ worth of corporate consultancy and non- profit management. “We follow our clients progress over three years after graduation and have an incredibly high success ratio amongst our alumni, who are always welcome to stay in our family and continue on to become peer-to-peer counsellors.” There are seven self-help groups that are open to the public: AA, SMART Recovery, Recovery Jul21345 Dharma, LifeRing, Women for Sobriety, Men for Sobriety, and WRAP. Plus, the clinic believes deeply in the writer Johann Hari’s ‘connection’ philosophies on depression and offers 27 different groups that centre around ‘Meaning-Centred Therapy’ (MCT), including: Life Purpose and Meaning, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Death Anxiety, Loneliness Alleviation, Yoga, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Trauma, Rage Reduction, Mindfulness Relapse Prevention, Acupuncture, Improv Therapy and many others. Daniel and the team at Above and Beyond often observe the industry putting a lot of effort and resources into trying to stop people from misusing alcohol and opioids, when this is only a symptom of the problem. Indeed, there is much scientific evidence, he tells us, that demonstrates beyond any doubt that Substance Use Disorder develops as a solution to deeper underlying psychological problems, such as PTSD, Complex Trauma, early childhood trauma, violence, broken relationships, transgenerational trauma passed down through families, bullying, witnessed or lived trauma, homelessness, and so on. “If these deeper underlying problems are not addressed then there will be high rates of recidivism and relapse, which is exactly what the industry is experiencing,” he explains. “We intend to change the way that America looks at addiction. We want to displace the failure and relapse-prone abstinence model with one that is built on the beauty of each person’s Purpose and Meaning in Life.” Above and Beyond is a very organised entity with an organisational chart, job descriptions, efficient process flows, outcome measurements, low turnover, and record- shattering results. What it does is transportable and everything it does is subject to investigation, exposure, complete transparency and disclosure. The organisation has more than 130 partnerships, or “linkage agreements” with referral agencies, so it works well with others and has won several significant peer awards for its work. Most Innovative Substance Abuse Center - USA One such notable accomplishment was receiving the award of title for Most Innovative Substance Abuse Center – Illinois. “By doing good work, our successful patients carry the message forward - they are the most credible evidence that we can produce of our good works,” Daniel finalises. “Also, the recognition that we receive from awards like this helps us to stay in the spotlight so that we can become a beacon to those that are lost in their addictions.” Contact: Daniel Hostetler Company: Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Web Address: