Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 23 , Jul21341 Expertly combining classic strategy consulting with data science and software engineering, EQUITAS Life Sciences creates custom solutions for healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Following their win as the best U.S. life sciences business insights and software development company for 2021, we put thefirmunder amicroscope to examine the reasons behind their success. Best Life Sciences Business Insights & Software Development Company - USA EQUITAS was founded on the values of kindness, empowerment, and fearlessness, with the mission of positively impacting global healthcare to improve patient outcomes, by engaging a diverse group of healthcare stakeholders with curiosity, empathy, and genuineness. By living these core values and approaching engagement this way, EQUITAS has created an environment where individuals are empowered to share the journey with their client partners. It is not only about a mindset of long-term collaboration to gain the fullest appreciation of a client partner’s business philosophy, goals and objectives, but also becoming an extended member of the team through seamless collaboration and shared goals for success. EQUITAS builds trust through careful listening, thoughtful responsiveness, and agile engagement. EQUITAS focuses on partnership over selling, and tailored solutions over off-the-shelf products. By combining traditional management consulting and software development expertise, EQUITAS can bring solutions to life in a uniquely impactful way. Drawing on decades of experience within life sciences, EQUITAS provides a broad range of client partner solutions across the drug, device, diagnostic and digital therapeutic landscape, including business development, clinical trial design, pricing, reimbursement and access, learning engagement and training, and enabling technology platforms that revitalize learning transfer, strategic account planning, and coaching. Current therapeutic areas of focus include diabetes and metabolic, oncology, immunology and vaccinology, neurology, rare diseases, pain management, and women’s health. The beautiful thing about EQUITAS’ partnership mindset is that it allows for endless flexibility to adapt to any situation. In 2020, EQUITAS continued to bring that partnership mindset and steadfast focus on the values of kindness, empowerment, and fearlessness, which allowed for a wonderful virtual journey with its client partners to best support them in adapting and persevering through the challenges of 2020. Through application of its SUPER™ model approach, EQUITAS marries classic strategy consulting with software development and data science. The SUPER model is a flexible framework that can be applied to tailor and strengthen everything a healthcare professional does on a day-to-day basis. The S stands for Self-awareness and the importance of embodying a growth mindset. What do we know about ourselves? Increasing Self-awareness has the potential to embed lasting behavior change with the team through skill building and real-world coaching to boost credibility and confidence with stakeholders. The U stands for Understanding. What do we know about our roles and responsibilities, as well as those of other internal and external stakeholders? Understanding allows for the building of knowledge, skills and behaviors that are going to drive success. By engaging in continuous learning and development, we can constantly enhance the value we are creating and strengthen our credibility, facilitate trust, and foster impactful relationships. The P stands for Preparation. What is our plan for achieving your business goals and objectives? Preparation is an enhanced discipline in leveraging your content knowledge, skills and behaviors, and drawing on previous experience for more impactful and meaningful strategies and tactics. EQUITAS’ Strategic Thinking Model TM optimizes Preparation by overlaying the application of three scaffolded steps to thinking: Step 1: Analytical thinking: What do we know? Using questioning and discovering skills to gather information and continually learn from others, personal experiences, market research, and other data points. Step 2: Critical thinking: What does it mean? Using interpreting and anticipating skills, one can turn information into insights by distilling, synthesizing, prioritizing, and identifying what the information means. Step 3: Creative thinking: What can we do with it? Using deciding and aligning skills to transform insights into ideas, actions, and path forward opportunities. Strategic thinking sets the stage for informed and impactful decision-making and may lead to: - understanding, planning, and navigating the business landscape with purpose; - engaging in a solution-oriented approach with internal and external stakeholders; and - evaluating and reflecting for deeper awareness, understanding, and strategy refinement. The E stands for Engagement. How will we effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in an impactful way? By engaging with curiosity, empathy, and genuineness, we can bring impactful narratives to life. Engaging with curiosity helps demonstrate credibility. Engaging with empathy helps facilitate trust through the demonstration of caring, compassion, and concern. And finally, engaging with genuineness demonstrates integrity and inspires advocacy. The SUPER model rounds to the R for Reflection. How will we hold ourselves accountable to achieving our business goals and objectives in the spirit of continuous improvement? Reflection after an engagement may allow one to evaluate situations with a more open mind which enables the potential for greater personal growth and development. The deliberate introspection to cultivate an understanding of a previous situation or experience is critical in supporting a continuous learning journey. Through the EQUITAS SUPER model approach and overlay of the EQUITAS Strategic Thinking Model at every stage of the journey, EQUITAS endeavours to foster a values-based environment that is constantly looking for new ways to live its mission of improving healthcare. Company: EQUITAS Life Sciences Contact: [email protected] Website: EQUITAS Life Sciences