Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

24 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21350 With a goal to ensure that its private and professional customers get the most health for their money, Seagull Healthcare selects, develops and imports healthcare devices to pharmacies and retailers in Denmark. We speak to Anni Tolstrup-Christensenwho tells us more about the firm and its ethos. Most Innovative Home Use Medical Devices Brand 2021 & Excellence Award for User- Friendly Products 2021 Seagull Healthcare ApS was founded in 2002 as the web shop STETOSKOP. DK, selling medical equipment to doctors and other professionals. It has since expanded and started its own brand, Seagull Healthcare, which imports and distributes medical equipment for home use. The primary market is Denmark and Seagull Healthcare provides its products to pharmacies in Denmark along with other stores, that have knowledge within healthcare and therefore can help the user find the right product and assist them in using it correctly. Currently, the firm’s main product line is blood pressure monitors and thermometers. It has five different blood pressure monitors due to the demands and needs of different users. With more than 15 years’ worth of experience, Seagull Healthcare has a trusted group of suppliers and partners and it is of utmost importance that customers, as well as the end users, know that they can trust the company. “One of our values is to be appropriate,” explains Owner and CEO, Anni Tolstrup-Christensen. “We want our customers to know that we are here for them with information and guidance. Both in regard to our products and how to use them, but also with general information and how to interpret the results.” Seagull equips its customers with the correct tools to help guarantee the correct operation of its products, and will provide user manuals, guides, flyers, and tutorial videos, to help ensure proper usage. “Knowledge is key,” Anni continues. “Therefore, we are taking action on educating our customers. It is not enough to just measure the temperature; you need to understand the result. It is not possible to compare different measurement methods or different measure points. Combined with our excellent customer service, this mindset led us to becoming a leading supplier.” At Seagull, communication with customers is important and all feedback is taken very seriously and Anni explains that constant dialogue ensures that the company can stay reactive, where necessary. The dedicated team can be reached by phone, on live chat, mail or the customers can book a virtual meeting with a team member. “Our customer service is excellent. We often answer customer inquiries after normal hours or on the weekends. We want to serve our customers the best way possible.” One of the biggest challenges, not simply in this industry but globally, is the environment and how to protect it. At Seagull Healthcare, it is important to not only sell products, but to sell products with long durability. “We already have customers that return to us and tell they have had our products for more than 10 years,” enthuses Anni. “We know our products are long- lasting, and we constantly work on improving the products for better durability. We are working on the possibility of reusing the different materials of our products. It should be possible to separate the product in different materials and then reuse them.” Anni and the team at Seagull work hard to constantly stay up to date with new trends in the market too. The firm is very development orientated and cooperates with dedicated scientists to develop new products and new technologies and to continue to fulfill customer’s request and produce a product when it is in demand. “We monitor the trends and, because we are a relatively small company, we can spot new trends and act fast. We strive to become the preferred brand within healthcare and to do so, we must constantly be able to develop our company, brand, and products.” Recently, Seagull was bestowed with two prestigious accolades, these being Most Innovative Home Use Medical Devices Brand 2021, and the Excellence Award for User-Friendly Products 2021, in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards – both of which are accomplishments which Anni and the firm are very proud of. With regards to the future of the sector, it is all looking very promising. “We will use the rest of 2021 to focus on our product portfolio for healthcare professionals. The Danish authorities have a specific demand for a product, that does not exist on the world market. Our goal is to help develop this product. And we have already introduced two competing companies to each other to make this product a reality.” Contact: Anni Tolstrup-Christensen Company: Seagull Healthcare Web Address: Seagull- Healthcare