Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 27 , Jul21354 The Corona Test Centre was created to improve the Covid-19 PCR, antigen and antibody testing capacity in Great Britain. By doing this, it hopes to inform the public more about whether they have or have had the virus, developed an immune response and, ultimately, help the country get back to normal. We find out more about the services on offer. Recognised Leaders in Covid-19 Testing - UK Corona Test Centre is a private Covid-19 testing company for travellers. Providing a wide range of different tests for passengers to ensure their safety, such as PCR Fit to Fly, Antigen Fit to Fly, Return to the UK, Day 2 PCR, Day 2 and 8 PCRs and Test To Release, the company also offers standard PCR testing, antibody testing and antigen testing. “We can test passengers in our clinics, of which there are 10 spread across the UK, or in the comfort of their own home,” explains James Davidson, Chief Marketing Officer of Corona Test Centre. “We help the general public and also offer corporate testing for a select group of clients. Our aim is to make travelling easier and less stressful with the current restrictions.” With doctors overseeing the processes, medical professionals administering the tests, experienced technicians analysing the results, and tech professionals handling the reporting, Corona Test Centre ensures best-in-class results throughout the entire process. As a UKAS accredited Government-recognised laboratory, Corona Test Centre operates alongside a team of researchers too, who all understand the intricacies of individual countries’ restrictions. Some of the more unique features of the company include a destination tracker to explain which tests are needed for travel, as well as a UK-based call centre that is open 24/7, plus a custom-built automated system to ensure that all customers get their results on time. It is these key elements which differentiate The Corona Test Centre from others offering similar services and facilities. Rather than set up its facilities in hospitals that are already overcrowded, Corona Test Centre has chosen to work with local businesses. These venues were shut down because of the lockdown laws, but they have ample size to act as testing centres. The company also recently launched the home testing service to cater to clients who are unable to travel to one of the many test centres, meaning that testing is now open to everyone throughout the UK. Recently, for its dedication and diligence, Corona Test Centre was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Recognised Leaders in Covid-19 Testing – UK in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 and James tells us that there is more in store for 2022. “Our plans for 2022 are currently under development but will focus very much on using the fantastic infrastructure we have built over the last 12 months. For now, we will continue to be focused on helping our customers as best we can.” Contact: James Davidson Company: Corona Test Centre Web: