Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

30 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21402 Founda Health started in 2019 as a platform in healthcare and has since built a solid foundation that connects healthcare providers, organisations, products and systems. With a goal to enable collaboration and innovation, and to free-up time and space for care workers, Founda Health is focused on showing the world that change is possible. Most Disruptive Healthcare Company 2021 Building the railroad between healthcare systems and applications to bring innovation to hospitals and improve care for patients is Founda Health. Its platform connects, unlocks, translates and transmits healthcare data over a unified API with the highest security standards and insight in data usage, giving care workers the possibility to share information with whoever they need, whenever they need and in the safest possible way. “Our mission is to enable healthcare to free-up time and space for care workers so they can focus all their energy on what they are best at: caring,” explains Thomas van Til, Vice President of Marketing at Founda Health. “We do this by supporting hospitals with their digital transformation and improving collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation through better interoperability.” Founda’s deep, reusable and scalable integrations replace old, expensive and single purpose connections which, in turn, decreases the burden on IT departments at hospitals, reduces the time doctors spend on administration and, ultimately, increases the quality of care for patients. Differentiating from its competitors, Founda Health is unique in the fact that it makes the entire healthcare system, from hospital to application to EHR, interoperable with just one reusable API. Its translation engine with the Universal Health Record enables Founda Health to translate data into the standards needed by the systems and hospitals. This way all integrations are reusable, giving EHRs and hospitals access to a range of healthcare applications that interoperate with Founda. “Founda Health makes sure that technology is no longer a burden, but a solution,” Thomas elaborates. “We do this quickly and at a fair price.” Thomas and the team at Founda Health have recently witnessed an enormous amount of traction in the European healthcare market which has allowed the company to provide an ever- growing healthcare application store, with more than 50 apps from all over Europe for which both hospitals and systems are lining up. Access to a wide range of applications goes beyond the integration and maintenance work needed for a hospital; it allows them to leverage innovative technology and support their digital transformation initiatives that can now be sped up in benefit for the doctors and patients. “The most significant challenge the industry is facing is the need to undergo a much-needed digital transformation. We could already see steps being taken in the form of, for example, digital consultations and e-monitoring. If anything, the pandemic made it even more clear that digital is going to be the future.” For Founda Health, this challenge translates into meeting the multitude of needs and wishes of all the different stakeholders in healthcare. “On the one hand you have the healthcare providers, for whom care and safety for their patients is top priority,” Thomas states. “To enable them to put their patients first, we need to relieve them from the administrative hassle that comes with getting and exchanging the right information at the time they need it. “On the other hand we work with many different healthcare applications and EHRs that follow important safety, security and compliance standards. Connecting these three stakeholders by opening up the healthcare ecosystem is vital to improve healthcare.” Founda Health stays at the top of its game by constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate its products and team, something it does by building a team with the best people with knowledge about the industry and tech, and that share the passion to improve healthcare. It is due to this reason among many that Founda Health was recently voted Most Disruptive Healthcare Company 2021 in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. “For our product, we don’t work with obsolete and outdated technology. The development team constantly searches for the newest tools and solutions to implement. We have an ever-growing health application store, so hospitals and EHRs will always have access to the latest technology solutions.” Contact Details Contact: Thomas van Til Company: Founda Health Web Address: