Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 31 , Dedicated to providing effective and engaging compliance training certification programmes since 2003, Biopharma Institute offers convenient solutions to professionals working within the pharmaceutical, clinical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. We find out more from Director of Training, Dr. Algis Rajeckas. Biopharma Institute provides compliance and regulatory training to those manufacturing drugs and medical devices, in order to assist both professionals and their corporate employers with maintaining a safe environment for employees and consumers, while aiming to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace. It delivers this by focusing attention on training methods which increase the retention of knowledge required for professionals to produce a safe work environment while manufacturing high-quality products and services. It also has a strong position in training professionals working in the clinical research and regulatory affairs space with more than 200 courses available from its off-the-shelf catalogue. All courses are delivered by engaging remote learning solutions and cater to pharma, clinical research, and medical device corporate entities requiring employee training, as well as individual students looking to grow their career. “This is really a high-quality learning experience,” explains Director of Training, Dr. Algis Rajeckas. “Our training encourages interactive activities and progress checks Jul21409 that serve the importance of tracking students’ depth of learning concepts and retention of materials being taught. Regardless of what course they are undertaking, the fundamental points of the concepts can be understood, and this is a much more convenient and cost-effective way to effectively train employees.” Biopharma Institute regularly maintains and updates its training curriculum, which proves to be difficult for many companies to keep up with. When students take a course from Biopharma Institute, they can be confident in the knowledge that they will be delivered high-quality training, with voiceovers and engaging activities, which are up to date with respect to regulations and standards. “Our training is regularly updated when regulations are changing, which is undoubtedly important in an ever-challenging environment. Especially for small or medium- sized pharmaceutical companies, it is very difficult to keep up with all these regulatory changes and to amend these concepts in their training programs. So, when regulations change, the courses get updated.” A custom-built enrolment system allows individual students to immediately involve and immerse themselves into a course by giving immediate access to training. They will receive their username, password and full access to the programme, which is delivered in deep learning formats, along with voice-overs and engaging activities. In addition, Biopharma also offers a training manager portal, which allows the training managers of a corporate entity to log in and access the training records for their groups. Similarly, employees’ certificates, completion status, reports, and all their involvements are tracked and recorded through a novel, automated tracking system. The training manager portal also allows managers to buy additional credits and enrol in whichever courses they like, easily, immediately, and affordably. As a result, training managers have full access to enrol their groups or employees into the programmes and have access to all the training records in real-time for their group. In 2020, Covid-19 catapulted Biopharma into a new level very rapidly and it experienced very strong growth through the pandemic era, which resulted in many companies transitioning from live, in-person training to remote learning. “We see remote-learning technique as extremely effective at conveying knowledge, while also being convenient for the professional being taught,” Best Pharmaceutical Industry Training Provider 2021 states Dr. Algis Rajeckas. “This particular technique is highly engaging and extremely efficient for training employees on the importance of the regulations and standards that they are being governed by and must follow.” Dr. Algis Rajeckas predicts continued growth into the future as he believes that, during the pandemic, mindsets have changed regarding how to best deliver training. “People are putting more emphasis on the value of using updated and effective remote learning tools. Regardless of the importance or impact it creates among the people, it was very convenient for the employees who have experienced being trained this way, and so I think that has been voiced for the growth in the remote learning that is being seen.” Recently, Biopharma was voted Best Pharmaceutical Industry Training Provider in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 and, for Dr. Algis Rajeckas and the team, the future revolves around maintaining an up-to-date curriculum and continuing to provide a world- class training experience. Contact: Terry Carmichael Company: Biopharma Institute Web Address: