Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 37 , Offering the latest in dental technology in the comfort of patient’s regular dental practices, uSmile Orthodontics is breaking the boundaries of traditional orthodontics with its new and innovative treatments. We speak to Dr Brittany Ellis about the programandwhat it has to offer. Visiting separate offices for orthodontic treatments and general dental care can be inconvenient and time-consuming. This is why licensed orthodontists offer the uSmile Orthodontics Program in local dental offices in the Metro Phoenix area, with the goal being to provide patients with a high standard of care inside the dental office they are already comfortable with. “We provide complete orthodontic treatment at an affordable cost, with payment plans that meet everyone’s budget,” explains Dr. Brittany K. Ellis, one of the dental practitioners at uSmile. “We see patients of all ages and provide both traditional brackets and wires as well as clear aligner therapy. This innovative way of offering orthodontic care helps patients to save time and money and ensures patient retention at the dental practice.” The uSmile Orthodontics Program is unique and stands out from the crowd due to the fact that it can be incorporated into most dental offices - allowing the dentist to provide specialty care, like orthodontics, to their patients without referring them out to another location. Brittany continues to explain some of the benefits of using uSmile. “Without a brick-and-mortar business model, we have less Jul21527 overhead,” she says. “That allows us to pass those savings onto our patients so that orthodontic treatment can be affordable for anyone. “Other orthodontic providers charge a premium for any treatment other than traditional metal brackets and wires. The cost of our program includes all types of orthodontic treatment - including clear brackets or clear aligner therapy, like Invisalign®. Our program also includes retainers and whitening at the end of treatment. Overall, our patients love the all-inclusive perks of the uSmile Program, all from the comfort of their current dental office.” Staying up to date with the latest innovations is an important part of uSmile’s work, particularly where new 3D technology is concerned. As a Premier Invisalign® Provider, the orthodontic team has access to the release of new and ground-breaking treatment options. Using the pioneering iTero® Scanner, the company can provide its patients with a virtual model of their teeth and simulate what their smile might look like at the end of their treatment. “This amazing technology eliminates the need for ‘goopy’ impressions to be taken and allows patients to begin treatment much sooner than expected.” During the pandemic, dental offices took a huge hit. While the world scrambled to contain exposure, offices were told they could only see patients in an emergency. This obstacle opened the orthodontists at uSmile’s minds to virtual appointments which allowed patients to continue to connect with their orthodontist. The company was even able to schedule new patients for free orthodontic consultations, many of whom started their treatment once uSmile was able to see them in the office. This was such a successful operation that the program has since incorporated virtual appointments into a patient’s care plan, both for convenience and safety. Another significant challenge that orthodontic providers experience is treatment acceptance; mostly due to cost or the time one must commit during treatment. “It is these types of challenges that pushed us outside the box to create this program,” Brittany elaborates. “Most patients are finished with treatment in about 18 months and the collaboration between our program orthodontist and the dentist at the practice means patients maintain a healthy smile throughout the entire process.” Now, the uSmile mission is to change the lens through which people view orthodontics, Orthodontist of the Year 2021 – Phoenix Metro & GHP Business Innovation Award changing the focus by training the dental teams to shift their mindset and educate their patients about the importance of correcting malocclusion. Patient education paves the way for better treatment acceptance and creates patients who are invested in their overall health. “In the past, practitioners have remained focused on promoting “straighter teeth”, however, a properly aligned bite leads to healthier teeth, bone, and gums... straight teeth are a bonus!” Recently, uSmile has been awarded two prestigious accolades in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 for its innovative work, these being Orthodontist of the Year 2021 – Phoenix Metro, and the highly acclaimed GHP Business Innovation Award. Regarding the future, the uSmile Orthodontic Program will continue to grow as it is introduced in more dental offices around the Valley. “With the combination of the uSmile University - a resource for on-demand, comprehensive program training - along with detailed analytics, we deliver real-time, efficient support and statistics to dental practice owners.” Contact: Dr. Brittany K. Ellis Company: uSmile Orthodontics Web Address: