Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

38 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21534 A company that has been gaining increased notoriety and repute since its inception, Kartavya Healtheon is committed to helping patients across India to manage the pain and challenges that come with living with a chronic illness. It knows the struggles that its clients face and is dedicated to helping them reach affordable and accessible healthcare through end-to-end solutions in Pharma & Life Science, Diagnostic and Corporates. Best Disease Management Company - India Kartavya Healtheon was established in June 2008, and quickly became one of the foremost disease management companies in India. With a corporate office in Mumbai and operating out of 21 cities around the country, it has come a very long way, and has cultivated a long list of loyal customers as a result; each of which it is dedicated to helping. Fundamentally, Kartavya Healtheon’s core goal is to enhance the life of every patient through knowledge, technology, support and care, by increasing the affordability and reach of medication and disseminating the knowledge of prevention and control of disease. The firm operates with a significant level of technical prowess in order to do this. With the medical industry advancing at an ever-increasing speed and new innovations and developments coming out on a daily basis, Kartavya Healtheon is dedicated to staying abreast of these and deploying only the best of the best when creating solutions. This allows it to ensure its disease management is effective and efficient, with each staff member working with truly admirable levels of empathy and sensitivity from the very first meeting. Crucially, this allows Kartavya Healtheon to show how the client is at the forefront of its staff’s priority list at all times. Being at the cutting-edge of care and disease management, it is aware that for many of its patients, there is no ‘cure all’; instead, it focuses on helping them to mitigate the pain and adapt their day to day lives in order to make things significantly easier, aiding Pharma companies in the fields of disease management and patient retention. Due to the diligence and duty of care that makes up this company’s lifeblood, each of its services have been lauded as exemplary by its clientele. These include everything from patient adherence to patient assistance services, as well as field counselling, patient retention, awareness camps, patient screening, drug delivery, supply chain management, medical content writing and branding, and more. Moreover, each of its stakeholders have come to know it as a truly trustworthy and reliable cornerstone of the medical chronic care sector, working with partners such as pharmaceutical businesses, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and patients, all through its single platform and collaborative practice models. This has allowed Kartavya Healtheon to grow in notoriety and repute since its inception, and to this day, the organisation has operated in more than 500 locations across India and engaged with an excess of 15 million patients to support them in a myriad of ways. For instance, the organisation has screened about 3.5 million high risk Hepatitis B patients across India with its camps and community programmes. By working in this way, spreading awareness, education, and knowledge regarding good standards of care and how to manage one’s pain and physical health, it is keeping to its exemplary mission of increasing the affordability and accessibility of medical information and care in India, encouraging people to see that even when living with chronic illness, they are able live their lives to the full. Company: Kartavya Healtheon Contact: Anil Nayak Website: