Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

42 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21592 Revolutionising respiratory outcomes bymaking every breath count is PMD Solutions – a highly progressive medical device start-up. We speak toMyles Murray about the firmand its pioneering new digital tool which is taking the industry by storm. Best Respiratory Rate Monitoring Solution 2021: RespiraSense PMD Solutions was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Myles Murray, who wanted to address the fundamental clinical need to measure patients’ breathing rates, which if amiss, is a significant indicator of adverse events. The creation of RespiraSense, the world’s only continuous and motion tolerant respiratory rate monitor, centred by the vision of improving patient outcomes by #MakingEveryBreathCount, is a discrete wearable device worn on the side of the chest with the unique design measuring both chest and abdominal breathing. “By measuring each breath and understanding how it changes under different stressors, we have unlocked the new standard of care for respiratory ailments, much akin to the first commercialisation of the pulse oximeter or blood pressure monitors,” shares Myles. RespiraSense measures breathing in a novel way, by measuring the entire mechanics of breathing. This includes chest, abdomen, and triaxial movement to get a data rich insight into the pattern of breathing. Combining this approach with proprietary dynamic algorithms, RespiraSense is able to deploy several different analytical techniques in pseudo real-time so that reliable rates are shared with the healthcare professional. This design further allows RespiraSense to be used in alert and active patients where other technologies can suffer from motion artefacts leading to false alarm. Finally, RespiraSense is designed to be suitable for all demographics, positioning it as the de factor standard of care. “This technological advancement has been proven to be highly effective by reliably detecting which patients are at risk of respiratory failure or fever, 12 hours earlier than the current standard of care,” Myles elaborates. “RespiraSense is the world’s only continuous motion tolerant respiratory rate monitor and is positioned to become the de-facto standard of care for healthcare systems around the world.” Accurate breathing is just the first step. PMD is preparing its Hospital at Home version of RespiraSense which enables discrete continuous monitoring of a patients breathing, without the need for apps, smartphones, WiFi, or gateways. RespiraSense IoT will be able to broadcast a patient’s vitals and location so that hospital virtual ward teams will be able to take advantage of the 12-hour early intervention window in COPD, Post-Surgical, and ED discharged patients. This development is driven by the number one challenge the ageing patient population faces – proficiency with smartphone technology and communication infrastructure. RespiraSense IoT will ensure that the device cares for the patient, and not the patient for the device. “Where Covid-19 has resulted in an unprecedented paradigm shift in the adoption of digital health solutions, the value of prevention over reaction is still at the centre value-based care,” Myles continues. “RespiraSense has made a significant contribution in aiding front line staff during the pandemic to prompt the right care for the right patient at the right time. Since then, RespiraSense has demonstrated its value in the detection of patient deterioration up to 12 hours earlier than the current standard of care. This has resulted in RespiraSense being positioned as the de facto standard of care for any respiratory compromised patient across Ireland. The exponential adoption of RespiraSense is now leading to the emergence of its use in non-COVID applications where it is being piloted in Hospital-at-Home virtual wards programs for COPD patients.” Recently, PMD Solutions was awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Respiratory Rate Monitoring Solution 2021 for its RespiraSense offering in the Health and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021, and now new models of care are being rapidly adopted due to accelerated access to digital health solutions, following in PMD’s footsteps. It seems, for PMD and RespiraSense, that the sky is the limit. “PMD’s commitment to ongoing research in breath-by-breath analytics in tandem with utilising the latest advancement sin communications and electronics, will ensure RespiraSense is a solution with high clinical utility and usability for patient and provider. “PMD’s mission is to improve outcomes by #MakingEveryBreathCount. This shall be the north star for us as a company and the solutions we develop. With a rapidly evolving digital healthcare landscape and payers proactively engaging with industry leaders, PMD will seek to continue to partner with such healthcare systems to continue its mission, globally.” Contact: Tara Kidney Company: PMD Solutions Web Address: