Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 47 , Multi-award-winning Vie Aesthetics has won Best Medical Aesthetics Clinic – South East England for its cutting-edge, innovative treatments that leave its clients feeling confident with natural-looking results. Here, we look at the kind of service that it offers to its many clients based across London, Rayleigh, and Germany. Providing the best doctor-led clinics that offer advanced medical and cosmetic solutions for hair, body, face, and overall wellness, Vie Aesthetics is promoting good health and comfort in our own skin. Founder and CEO Vicky Grammatikopoulou runs Vie Aesthetics, alongside Medical Director Dr Ioannis Liakas. Employing a strong team of skilled medical practitioners with one goal in mind: customer comfort and wellness. Vie Aesthetics is a CQC-regulated, Save Face- accredited clinic that practices openness and understanding towards its many clients. The Vie Aesthetics mission “Celebrating The Beauty Of Life” propels its passion into a reality for thousands of clients. Its holistic approach means that its tailored, non-surgical technologies make up treatment plans that are focused on helping clients achieve their own realistic goals and natural-looking results. Its values are compassion, relationship-building, enthusiasm, and professionalism, amongst other excellent philosophies such as to educate, care, and prioritise the needs of each client. As a doctors-only clinic, Vie Aesthetics is fully-equipped with an abundance of medical experience that is much needed Jul21318 for ensuring safe practice and brilliant results. By working under the guidance of Medical Director, Dr Liakas, each doctor is able to offer their highly qualified advice and expertise for an innovative service. The signature Vie Aesthetics packages include, but are not limited to, the VIELift, VieStem Face and VieStem Hair which work well alongside laser treatments. You will also find LED light, Carboxy, EM, HIFU, FatFreezing and other technologically advanced treatments on their ever-growing list of services. Vie Aesthetics offer some excellent services when it comes to taking a holistic approach towards wellness, offering Life Coaching, 360-degree Medical Weight Management, and Medical Skincare. All clients are made to feel welcome and comforted as they follow the carefully designed patient journey in each of the Vie Aesthetics Clinics. Since the first opening in 2013, thousands of clients have come through the clinic doors and left feeling overjoyed with the results of their treatments. Over time, many aspects of the company have grown and adapted to fit the latest technologies, but one thing has remained: the passion behind the name Vie Aesthetics and its drive for excellence in personalised care and safety in beauty. Vie Aesthetics builds relationships with its clients, often referring to them as the ‘Vie Family’. Taking a transparent approach, the doctors and clients at Vie Aesthetics work together to find a suitable treatment plan for achieving the client’s realistic desired goals. Further, as Vie Aesthetics specialises in non- surgical medical and cosmetic solutions, the treatments on offer come without the risks attached to traditional surgical methods. Clients and anybody who visits are met with a seamless Best Medical Aesthetics Clinic – South East England experience thanks, not only to, the Vie Aesthetics services, but also towards the attitude of their ever-growing team. The company is continuing to expand and adapt to the most innovative technologies and top-of-the- range services that allow clients to feel understood, respected and cared for. Contact: Vicky Grammatikopoulou Company: Vie Aesthetics Web Address: