Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

48 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21310 Adaptable Support Ltd offers families the chance to take care of their loved ones, without pressure and stress. It offers the best care for childrenwith special needs, so that their families can also feel supported. Here we look at its services and outlook on the work that it does, for a better future following the firm’s recent success at the GHPHealthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. Best Children’s Special Needs Support Service - Lancashire Delivering person centred services and care to children and their families, Adaptable Support Ltd has won Best Children’s Special Needs Support Service – Lancashire at the GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. By promoting clients’ active participation, it is giving the best adaptable support available. Adaptable aims to provide outcome focused services that are tailormade in order to achieve the best outcomes imaginable for the children with special needs in its care and the families around them. It pays close attention to the needs and wishes of each client and it believes that there is no goal too big or small. It seeks to promote health and wellbeing in all of its clients and does what it can to ensure a safe environment where they can feel both seen and heard. By working in partnership with its children, representatives, parents, carers, and other professionals, it helps to develop holistic services to promote the individual’s choice, control, and independence throughout daily and long-term life plans. Adaptable employs a top-quality, essential workforce and supports their knowledge, skills, supervision, and motivation. By creating a solid foundation in its staff members, it is able to help a plethora of individuals who need the best care. Its consistency and dedication prove its worth to clients and families; Adaptable’s unique selling point is its opinion towards care and respect. It strives to produce the best atmosphere for all of its clients so that they may achieve their maximum potential. As their visits are set as an hour minimum, Adaptable’s carers are able to build strong relationships with the children for the foreseeable future. However, as the firm offers its services to a comprehensive range of demographics, spanning from young people right through to elderly people, Adaptable has the ability to provide a consistent service that offers lifetime care, without the need for an additional transition. Now that the global pandemic is beginning to ease, Adaptable is able to introduce holiday clubs and parent/carer support groups so that families can once again feel supported. Its family room is set up as a comfortable lounge with toys and sensory activities so that children can feel more comfortable and included. In the future, Adaptable is looking to expand on this and create a day centre service for clients so that they may have somewhere to grow and learn together. Although these plans are in the early day stages, there is a promising future for Adaptable following on from the incredible and lifechanging successes it has already facilitated so far for the people in its care. Contact: Katy Booth-Young Company: Adaptable Support Ltd Web Address: