Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

52 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21531 Truu ismodernising thewaymedical services verify staff identities, qualifications andcertifications meaning employeeswill be able toprovewho theyare instantly, securelyanddigitally. Most Innovative Global HealthTech Company 2021 Founded by two NHS doctors in order to solve a major problem within the health service, Truu seeks to empower doctors and to reduce the administrative burden for healthcare organisations. Whenever healthcare staff change hospitals they are required to complete the repetitive pre-employment and onboarding checks, using paper documentation and in-person. These checks include identity, qualifications, training, criminal records and so on. They require the staff to take time away from their clinical duties and to travel to their new hospital before they start working there. The NHS has estimated that over 100,000 clinical days are lost every year just from the 60,000 junior doctors undertaking these checks. Junior doctors can move hospitals as frequently as every four months. The on-boarding process begins two months before they are due to start a new rotation and yet around 65% of these checks fail at the first attempt. These failures are often due to missing or outdated documentation from occupational health to paper proofs of address; there is an incredible burden in lost time and money. The British Medical Association estimates that it costs the NHS around £200m per year to conduct these checks. Truu has developed a healthcare digital staff passport that enables pre-employment and onboarding checks to be conducted remotely, securely and quickly. Using Truu’s platform, checks can be completed in two minutes and combat identity and qualification fraud that has been reported in the NHS over many years. Truu has worked alongside the NHS, GMC and several NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations to develop and pilot its platform. Truu has showcased features such as password-less single sign-on, enabling access to clinical systems using verifiable credentials and thus immediate access after on-boarding for new clinicians – significantly quicker than the current process. “Our goal is for all healthcare digital staff passports to become ubiquitous across the industry, reducing bureaucracy and allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients and not on admin tasks,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Dr Manreet Nijjar. “After our pilot work with the NHS, the NHS Chief People Officer announced in 2019 that every member of staff in the NHS will have a digital staff passport. In addition, through the pandemic, the NHS contracted Truu to deliver an NHS Covid digital staff passport to enable rapid movement of staff between hospitals to respond to patient demand and to move between vaccination centres. To date, the platform is deployed in 85 NHS Trusts.” Truu prides itself on the fact that its founders are clinicians solving problems for fellow clinicians. “We understand the pain, bureaucracy and excessive admin that clinicians are required to undertake, and we want to eradicate this so that we can spend more time seeing patients” explains co-founder Dr Henry Goodier. “We have approached the problem by trying to find the right solution, not an approach of coming up with new technology and trying to push it solve something.” As a result, Truu has been built with the users in mind, to give them the best experience. Using global open standards means that the NHS is not locked into a single vendor, meaning that the experience of the users is just as important. “We understand the problem because we have lived and breathed it, and now we want to solve it for our colleagues.” The most significant challenge that Truu faces is achieving acceptance of the approach as it requires the NHS to accept change and digitise current paper-based practices, and for Trusts to adopt it. “This is happening slowly,” elaborates Henry. “As a result of our work, the NHS People Directorate have incorporated digital staff passports into policy and are working through the procedural and legal requirements for their deployment. The customer surveys that we have run have shown overwhelming support in both the HR teams in Trusts and the clinical community. “By placing it in policy, the NHS is committing to adopting the technology but also to amend their own processes and legal frameworks that will allow NHS Trusts to adopt the technology.” Truu was recently bestowed with the accolade of Most Innovative Global HealthTech Company 2021 in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, a title which is testament to its dedication to improving the healthcare ecosystem. So, what does the future hold? Truu is committed to continuing to develop the platform, adding functionality to provide more utility to users, and continuing to work with industry bodies to promote the use of healthcare digital staff passports. Contact: Simon Wickes Company: Truu Web Address: