Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 57 , Jul21745 NewMilton Foot Clinic Ltd, a podiatry and private health clinic alleviating some of the burden on the NHS with its exemplary healthcare solutions, is run by a dedicated and outstanding staff. Each of them is an expert in their field, with all the relevant accreditations and approval to operatewithin private care, and theywelcome patients to come toNewMilton Foot Clinicwith their various needs whilst theNHS grapples with the additional strain of handling the pandemic. Best Foot Care Treatment Clinic - Hampshire A private healthcare clinic offering exemplary podiatry treatments to its clients, New Milton Foot Clinic Ltd is a company with a mission of offering professional treatments to its local community that they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Furthermore, it specifically aims to help those who are high risk due to the constraints of Covid-19 and the pressure on the NHS, giving them additional options through which to seek healthcare if they are struggling to go through non- private means in the UK. Within its podiatry umbrella, it provides nail surgery, biomechanics, verruca treatments, and more, each handled by professionals who hold BScs in Podiatry as standard and are members of the Royal College of Podiatry. Through governing body, as well as through registration with the Health and Care Professions Council, New Milton Foot Clinic has the oversight it needs to operate with confidence and to reassures its clients that they will be well taken care of, as each of its services are carefully monitored to remain within good care guidelines. Fundamentally, its care and passion for maintaining its clients’ wellbeing is what has earned it notoriety over the years, with an ever- growing client list of people who are turning towards the patient- centric ethos of private clinics such as New Milton Foot Clinic. In addition, it sets itself apart from its competition by way of attention to detail. Taking great pride in its customer service and in adhering to the policies and procedures that it has set in place in its practice management file, it has recently invested in 3D scanning technology that will allow it to significantly improve some of its service provisions. For instance, it can now create custom-made insoles for those who require specific foot support to allow them to be comfortable when walking, and these upgrades have also been joined by a recent addition of a third operational treatment room in which it has altered its working practices to ensure that its customers and staff are confident in health and safety policy and procedures. It has been able to reach these new stages of growth as it has grown naturalistically over time, ensuring to keep its services to scale with the clients it needs to serve. However, recently, it has seen a huge influx of patients to the point where it was over- subscribed, and thus welcomed new clinical staff into the business to allow it to continue developing in step with the need for its services, including patients who are having trouble getting their usual care with the NHS and thus have come to New Milton Foot Clinic in the interim. New Milton Foot Clinic is more than happy to help in such cases, of course, and is now growing from strength to strength when it comes to adapting and being as flexible as possible in order to respond to client requirements. Therefore, it puts its success down to its staff and its customers. The people who have made New Milton Foot Clinic what it is today have truly shaped the future of the business and podiatry in general, fuelling new innovations and developments that will make its private care even better going forward, establishing good relationships with the representatives of its equipment and medical suppliers. The remainder of 2021, in this way, is panning out to be increasingly positive, as it prepares for further expansion in order to help many more people. Company: NewMilton Foot Clinic Ltd Contact: Jane Kraushaar Website: