Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

58 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21742 Since 2017, SmileFy has been helping dentists embrace the power of digital dentistry. It is a company with the unique opportunity to pioneer in an era that allows technology to combine experience and expertise to create solutions that improve the quality of treatment planning, communication, and patient care. Best Aesthetic Dental Treatment Planning Solution 2021: SmileFy Though a young company, SmileFy’s inspiration comes from technological advances over the past decades that have made dentistry a progressive force for improved patient care. Its mission is to empower dental professionals around the world to transform the way they provide patient care while positively impacting the patient experience, which is deeply rooted in the way the company has developed and will continue to develop. SmileFy is dedicated to delivering the most innovative technological solutions to make it easier, faster, and cost-efficient for every dental professional to deliver predictable treatment outcomes, based on a workflow involving digital smile design, treatment planning, and digital diagnostic. SmileFy’s AI technology and automation is designed to make digital workflows more intuitive for the practitioner. It combines extensive research into simple- to-use tools that create an unparalleled experience in aesthetic treatment planning for the dentist and the patient. Based on the feedback of thousands of dentists and lab technicians, the SmileFy platform includes novel workflows, powered by artificial intelligence, automations, and newly created technologies that yield time savings in digital treatment planning. Unlike other smile design platforms, SmileFy’s user experience is much more intuitive so that dentists and dental assistants can use its features with minimal training; it increases case acceptance with comprehensive visual patient communication; it elevates patient experience, changing the way patients perceive dentistry; it makes digital treatment planning and smile design chair side possible, including 3D smile design and 3D printing in-office; it introduces guided workflows to avoid mistakes and surprises; and much more. The platform encourages collaboration between dentists and other specialists while allowing dental technicians to have direct access to patient cases and designs, so that the communication is seamless and remains within the application. This means working and designing together, as well as discussing treatment options within an integrated, secured system. No more time wasted in searching for the right files or emails as it is all in one place in SmileFy – safe, secured, and conforming to HIPAA standards. Indeed, digital dentistry is developing rapidly, bringing new techniques for procedure execution, materials and technologies into dental offices. Being able to integrate and adopt the digital workflows in the dental office can be an overwhelming task for many dental professionals – SmileFy makes it seamless to make the digital move with AI, automation, integrated connections, and an automated system that makes it easier to export and work with STL files, proceed with 3D printing, milling, and even manufacturing. By implementing SmileFy, dentists can save time and costs significantly by designing smiles in-office and gaining more control of the aesthetic outcome for each patient. By designing smiles and planning digitally, dentists can reduce the turnaround times and ultimately the number of appointments needed to complete the treatment, providing more predictable and accurate final restorations. Team members are provided with a comprehensive view of patients with the ability to work with different files such as CBCT x-ray, 3D facial scans, intra-oral scans, pictures and more. SmileFy is constantly improving its platform by adding to its innovative technology and implementing practical workflows. It is currently available across iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac and allows for maximum flexibility, whether the practitioner is in the office or on-the-go, you will always have access to your patients cases and their files. As it relates to the future of SmileFy and the rest of 2021, SmileFy’s focus is bringing more diagnostic tools to provide comprehensive insight for individualistic treatment planning. Company: SmileFy Contact: Tatjana Georg Email: [email protected] Website: