Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 59 , Pharmacovigilance is the process of monitoring the effects of medicinal drugs after they have been licensed for use; Panacea Pharma Projects Limited is a consultancy business that provides pharmacovigilance solutions to companies involved in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. We speak to Chairman Stuart Colligon to find out what Panacea is doing in the industry and where it plans on going next. Panacea provides excellent pharmacovigilance consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry and their potential client base includes all companies that own or market pharmaceutical products. In addition to pharmacovigilance, Panacea also provides many other services to the industry including Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and auditing. The vision and goals of Panacea revolve around their ambition to be the first choice for clients seeking pharmacovigilance services, while continuing to be recognised as one of the industry’s most respected service providers. By delivering an efficient and compliant service, Panacea takes responsibility for what can be a Jul21755 problematic function, allowing its pharmaceutical clients to focus on their commercial and business success. Panacea’s Chairman, Stuart Colligon says, “Panacea employs outstandingly good people. We invest significantly in personal development, and much of this is in the form of attending training courses, industry conferences, and symposia to complement our in-house training.” Panacea’s team of experienced specialists guarantee a fast, efficient service that encompasses all aspects of pharmacovigilance. As Panacea sets up and maintains full pharmacovigilance systems, they help to support and protect Marketing Authorisations held by their clients. This is achieved through expert documentation, best in class QPPVs (Qualified Person responsible for Pharmacovigilance), global literature searching, signal detection, and full case processing, all of which is supported by Panacea’s industry- leading Argus safety database. Stuart believes that “personalised medicine is going to be a ‘game- changer’ with impact across all the verticals in the industry. As it becomes more established, and then relatively normal, the number of permutations of products, dosage, indications, and delivery methods will be colossal.” He knows that this is going to be a challenge as “it will be made more complex through the inevitable use of Artificial Intelligence as a means of coping with the amounts of data.” He adds, however, that Panacea is able to address these needs through its many services and Best Pharmaceutical Support Services Provider 2021 systems, starting with its upgraded IT infrastructure that allows it to be more effective and competent. After having opened an office in Amsterdam this year, Panacea has begun to build a name for itself across mainland Europe from its Netherlands base, as well as in the UK. In addition to their recent success at the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021, Panacea has recently been awarded ISO9001 certification and is currently researching diversification projects. For the future, Panacea will expand the reach of its services in the Pharmacovigilance sector. Contact: Stuart Colligon Company: Panacea Pharma Projects Limited Web Address: