Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

6 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Founded in 2012, Finnish company, Vetrospace pioneeringly created office pods that guarantee a peaceful and healthy workspace thanks to a high air purifying level and anti-bacterial surfaces that safely destroy viruses and bacteria, exceptional sound insulation, and an automatic fire extinguishing system. These pods are ideal for public sector companies that work in offices, banks, and financial groups, and are ensuring people feel happy and well at work. Most Innovative Air & Surfaces Cleaning Solutions Provider – Northern Europe It was in 2017 when Vetrospace’s story really began to take shape. It took a giant leap as it realised that the role of a modular space is not simply just to provide a peaceful environment, and it came to the conclusion that these facilities could in fact be tools that quickly pay for themselves, where work becomes more efficient, people feel happier, and company performance can improve. When company employees are sick, money is lost to healthcare and poor productivity. Long- term problems can add up to ridiculous amounts of lost productivity, creativity, and can even lead to losing talent – especially if there is poor indoor air and ventilation. Workers can suffer headaches, tiredness and illnesses, with more than 90% of Aug21137 viral infections being airborne, according to researchers. This is a contributing factor to lack of productivity, along with open plan offices and their lack of sound reduction. Vetrospace’s patented technology is proven to reduce illnesses and distractions along with related costs, and it also increases alertness and enables people to experience what it feels like to be a better version of themselves. Vetrospace is a company that does not compromise when it comes to product development – it only uses the best materials and components, and by staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, it can make its clients’ working days a whole lot better. What makes Vetrospace pods effective? Each pod is equipped with powerful and innovative antimicrobial lights which eliminate microorganisms and significantly reduce high levels of sick leave and expensive healthcare costs. VLD White is a flicker-free and energising pure white light with antimicrobial properties, while VLD Blue is a powerful disinfection light that efficiently destroys microbes – although the light is blue, it isn’t a UV light and is harmless towards humans and materials. Both of the VLD lights have been laboratory tested for safety by authorities. Clean air helps to prevent fatigue and relieve headaches, and Vetrospace’s smart Clean-Air system filters (belonging to ISO-7 cleanroom classification) remove 99.9% of impurities and harmful particles from the air, including mould spores, construction dust, pollen, and more. It also reacts to