Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

60 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21775 Vaccines are a vital part of the healthcare world, but opening up access to these biopharma products is not always easy. We take a look at the team fromSaudiVax, whose tireless efforts have providedmany in theMiddle East with essential supplies. Their triumph has earned them a well-deserved award in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. We lookmore closely to find out more. Best Halal Biopharma Products Manufacturer - EMEA Founded in 2016, SaudiVax has opened up a bold new world of halal vaccines and life- saving biologics for the Saudi Arabia, GCC and wider OIC countries. For these regions, the challenge is in ensuring that access to these essential products is equitable in every respect. In order to master this complex field, the SaudiVax team have collaborated with other innovative names in the industry. The overall aim has always been to localize biomanufacturing in Saudi Arabia, allowing a more reliable and economical way forward for all. With partners for knowledge and tech-transfer, partners for co-development and partners for establishing the facilities, equipment and workforce, the team are well on their way to bringing this dream to life. The development of this comprehensive ecosystem is key to the success of SaudiVax generally. With the support of the Saudi Arabian government, SaudiVax has begun this project in a greenfield environment, building up essential infrastructure and generating local talents. Thanks to being based at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the SaudiVax team can benefit from a well-established and robust infrastructure, especially when it comes to the supply of the highly trained scientists required by the biotech industry for both the R&D and manufacturing processes. This infrastructure growth is just one part of SaudiVax’s path to success. Since opening its doors, the team have made many great steps towards success in the region. To name but a few recent agreements, SaudiVax and Johnson & Johnson have recently signed an MOU for technology transfer manufacturing of two leading biologics, SaudiVax and MERCK (MSD) have signed a collaborative research agreement for early drug discovery and exploratory research on corona viruses and SaudiVax and MERCK Millipore signed with Industrial Clusters two feasibility studies on localizing advanced biologics manufacturing. The most significant breakthrough for the team has been to make solid steps towards national self- sufficiency in terms of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven the importance of being prepared for pandemics, and the last four years have seen the team working incredibly hard to build an appropriate foundation for the growth of a whole new industry in the region. With so many people gathering together from around the world in small geographical areas, the risk of rapid transmission is even more obvious. Having built up the local talent and experience in the areas, the team are looking forward to localizing more of the high demand products in the region. The innovative pipeline will see the team developing Saudi Arabia into the pharmaceutical hub for the region. These initiatives are not just a key part of the firm’s aims for the future, but are part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Made in Saudi initiatives, each designed to strengthen the local Saudi economy. As a key growth sector, it’s clear that Saudi Arabia has benefitted enormously from the work that SaudiVax has done. It has proven that educated Saudis, especially Saudi women, can lead the way when it comes to the entry of the biotechnology industry into Saudi Arabia. As an initiative designed to increase the supply of essential medicines into a rapidly growing region, SaudiVax is well on track to securing success. Company: SaudiVax Ltd. Name: Ruaa Alsaigh Email: [email protected] Web Address: