Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 61 , At present focusing on the pioneering of outstandingmen’s health supplements for its market segment, NaturealmPte Ltd. is a supplement product development company that has pivoted online to serve its products to its customers. Leveraging big data analytics to help it with product development, focusing onmarket expansion, and targeting the areas of its customer base with the most need for supplements, it has generated goodwill and loyalty over time that has ensured significant growth over the past 18months. Naturealm Pte Ltd, an enterprise established in 2014, has gained notoriety as the leading health company in Singapore for health and wellness lines, VitaRealm and VitaRealm beauty. Both of these product lines are functional health products that have been developed to help improve its customer’s quality of life in the long run, helping them to meet the increasing demand for high-quality and effective supplements to combat health issues from lifestyle changes and aging. Fundamentally, it is aware of the challenges that some people face from changes to the livelihood altering how they conduct their self-care, and combines a variety of ingredients made in the USA in order to create products that boast a complete lack of additives and promise top grade health supplements for the whole family. In essence, this is what VitaRealm is all about. It is the health supplement range that families of all ages can rely on, and VitaRealm Beauty runs off of similar principles of excellence Jul21774 and functionality in everything it is, making use of the same die-hard commitment to quality and effective products formulated with the finest natural ingredients that will help bring out the client’s natural glow. It achieves this with its ‘beauty elixirs’. With these, VitaRealm as a range managed to sure Naturealm the accreditation of the Singapore Prestige Award in 2018 for the ‘Promising Brand’ that it had made for itself. Moreover, its effectiveness as a dietary supplement is due to its unique formula designed to solve health issues brought on by the aforementioned changes that a person may experience. Whether these are changes in health, changes in living situation, or changes in routine, Naturealm’s products can help a customer to maintain good internal equilibrium, bolstered by its team of experts who consistently produce the highest quality products under the strictest oversight. Its Men’s’ Health products – part of the VitaRealm range – also follow each of these principles in exemplary fashion. Its PowerMan and VitaRealm PowerProstate are best selling products in the growing market for men’s health products that is currently growing significantly, with many more of its own products in the pipeline slated for release soon. Of course, even a business as exemplary had to consider the impacts the pandemic, however. It found itself having to adapt quickly and efficiently to remote work; but this turned out to be a boon, as it found its revenue streams increase massively over the course of the past 18 months with many of its market segment turning towards at-home healthcare supplements. Naturealm currently has remote footholds in Malaysia, China, and more, and is looking forward to bringing itself and its exemplary products to many more market segments in the future as it continues to adopt a variety of the most innovative and cutting- edge new health products and technologies. When a new product is found to be more effective and sustainable, it is the Naturealm promise that a client can expect these findings to be reflected in a new and even Most Pioneering Health & Wellness Supplements Company - Southeast Asia more reliable formula, showing this company’s dedication to keeping up with its industry and developing more incredible men’s health supplements alongside its other lines. Company: Naturealm Pte Ltd. Contact: Angie Lo Website: