Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

62 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21777 Mobihealth International is a leading, internationally renowned, multi-award- winning telehealth company. It is endorsed by global organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, African Development Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Government, and Sanofi Biopharmaceuticals. We find out more in the wake of Mobiheath’s recent success at the GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. Best Modern Telemedicine & Digital Healthcare Clinic - London Mobihealth International is accredited telemedicine and digital health service provider transforming the way patients receive care. Its compassionate care providers are proudly serving underprivileged communities in Africa and beyond through its robust telemedicine platform. Additionally, Mobihealth supports healthcare organizations of all sizes to streamline their operations with its comprehensive, integrated, HIPAA compliant, and industry standard EMR. Funmi Adewara, the founder of Mobihealth, believes that access to quality healthcare transcends beyond material means and is a fundamental human right. Therefore, Mobihealth is on a mission to provide affordable healthcare to everyone who needs primary healthcare through a secure AI-powered integrated telemedicine platform and point of care diagnostics. Mobihealth is run by a team of experienced, licensed, multilingual healthcare providers from Nigeria, Africa, the UK, Europe, the US, Asia, and the Middle East. They provide on-demand teleconsultation, prescriptions, diagnostic and aftercare at the patient’s convenient location 24/7. Mobihealth International Headquarters are in the UK, and alongside its telemedicine services, it is a UK Government listed Covid-19 test provider for both the general population and travellers, quickly becoming a popular choice for corporation and travel Covid-19 testing. Telehealth has transformed the distribution of primary healthcare now more than ever as Covid-19 has compelled care receivers and providers to opt for telehealth services for safer and better patient care. Mobihealth is forging a path to overcome the healthcare challenges in underprivileged communities in Africa and globally, with more than 80% of medical problems being resolved through telemedicine. Mobihealth has been at the forefront of digital health in Africa and supporting the national and global pandemic response to Covid-19 through the provision of Covid-19 testing and remote patient management to underserved communities in the continent, primarily Nigeria. Quickly expanding to other countries, Mobihealth’s revolutionary telemedicine app connects users to over 100k medical experts from the US, UK and other carefully selected countries of the world within minutes for video consultations, investigation, prescription, treatment and referrals at the convenience of a patient’s home 24/7. Mobihealth has seen excellent results with its services, such as improved time for diagnosis and treatment, reduced hospital congestion by more than 60%, and significantly reduced cost of treatment. Its low-cost subscription plans are pocket- friendly and cover patients’ healthcare costs for the year without further co-payment. Mobihealth provides genuine medications, home health, home delivery of medications and much more. It is the gateway to affordable, convenient, and quality healthcare globally. Company: Mobihealth International Contact Name: Funmi Adewara Web: