Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 63 , Jul21779 The best healthcare takes on a personal aspect. The teambehind ProgramHealth Plus know and deliver this to all of their patients. With a service up to the standards of a luxury hotel, they are worthy winners in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. We take a closer look at this award-winning team to find out more. Best Private Modern Health Facility - Prague Those who can afford the best in life are always looking for the next big thing. Able to access experiences that are second to none, there is no reason why the healthcare they receive should not be to the same high standards as concierge services at the most opulent of hotels. Located in the heart of Prague, just a stone’s throw away from the river Vltava, that level of care and focus is precisely what the team at Program Health Plus are aiming to achieve. Modernity pervades through every part of Program Health Plus, with a team that is determined to delivering truly exceptional service on behalf of their clients. They receive, at every step of their medical journey, the most impressive service possible. These services are above regular standards, and provided by focused specialists in each area. The range of support varies depending on the program, with three different health programs – Grenade, Sapphire and Diamond – offering different levels of support. No matter what program, however, patients have their own personal doctor who will understand intimately the individual needs of their clients. The polyclinic website is an incredible resource for both clients and the medical staff. It opens up a new world of transparency to everyone involved. The website hosts the Client Zone, a database of the information and data recorded on a client’s behalf. This includes personal medical reports, prescribed medications, appointments and, of course, test results. The success of this addition to the service offered by Program Health Plus has inspired the development of a new mobile app. The challenge has been to achieve this, while also ensuring the same level of data security when it comes to such private matters. Program Health Plus offers services to all, ranging effortlessly from adults to children, from individuals to families. For companies that want to go above and beyond, the team are also able to provide occupational health services for their workforce. Because Program Health Plus is a private clinic, the team are able to offer their clients many benefits that simply aren’t available to public health facilities. With such a commitment to providing the widest possible range of services, the firm has made a name for itself as trusted guides to modern medicine who will do the most they possibly can to support their clients. The team at Program Health Plus also offer outpatient and inpatient services to their clients. This means that, at every stage, they provide the maximum level of comfort and privacy at all times. Inpatient care is provided by leading Czech and foreign hospitals to maintain the same high standards across every aspect of the team’s work. Support can be accesses 24 hours a day. No matter what the concern, a service doctor is always on hand to advise patients on the level of support they require. Luxury service lies at the heart of what Program Health Plus does, and the team work tirelessly to ensure an impressive level of consistency that brings it, seemingly effortlessly, to life. Program Health Plus has achieved remarkable things over the years on behalf of its clients, pushing the industry forward when it comes to providing truly exceptional service. Company: Program Health Plus Name: Oldrich Subrt, M.D., Ph.D Email: [email protected]