Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

66 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21850 Based in Budapest, Hungary, MINDiet aims to build a successful, long-term sustainable lifestyle for clients using theMINDiet programme. First, preparing clients for mental change and soon introducing good nutrition and proper exercise into a daily routine. Winner of the Best Psychology-Based Health Programs Provider – Europe, MINDiet works together with clients on an ongoing basis to help ensure continuous healthy living. Best Psychology-Based Health Programs Provider - Europe The main objective of MINDiet is to restore mental- physical balance, with the side effect of reducing body fat - while getting healthier. The experience to date has been that otherwise healthy clients have been burning fat at a rate of 1-1.5 kg per week at their own natural pace. MINDiet has also seen beautiful results in cases of hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and other physiological disorders, regardless of age. The results are measured in changes of body composition ratios and metabolic age over time, monitored with laboratory results - and, if required, with medical diagnostic tools and medical supervision. MINDiet focuses on lifestyle change as a holistic health program provider, working with clients who are advised or obliged by their doctors to improve their lifestyle or have understood that their health and desired future is at risk if they carry on with the way they live. MINDiet delivers psychology- based preventive and restorative health programs in consultation, four or eight person workshops and scientific talks. In the MINDiet programme, members trigger and reinforce the psychological process that makes most diets successful in some cases, despite the failure that is coded into them. The team at MINDiet knows from testimonials that steps towards a healthy lifestyle become natural after a few sessions. However, due to the COVD-19 restrictions, MINDiet has – besides in- person consultations and workshops – developed virtual service methods that are now available globally. COVID-19 also impacted its potential clients, as those restrictions prevented people from carrying on with life as before, leading to weight gain and unhealthy lifestyles. The MINDiet process replaces the harmful routines that originate in people’s exhaustion with conscious patterns with its first module focusing on improving specific mental and behavioural predispositions. This is followed by gradual changes in diet and exercise habits, with ongoing mental support. Its results are outstanding, and only radical interventions (such as bariatric surgery) can match temporarily what MINDiet can achieve with its clients. However, this state of mind is psychologically and medically damaging to accept. The main reason for the failure is that the psychological processes that trigger the behaviour are not addressed, and most ‘cures’ increase stress and worsen feelings. These psychological causes are expressed in bad habits and wrong decisions, which over time have health consequences. The MINDiet programme focuses on achieving sustainable results rather than rapid weight loss. This is because most traditional methods cannot do this, and the pounds that are difficult to lose are quickly regained. Additionally, MINDiet’s corporate solutions are based on an organisational approach that focuses on transferring specific skills in terms of psychobiological development, measured in objective business goals. Each participant follows a personal path in the process and develops the application method best suited to them. With ongoing support, it is possible to establish sustainable performance in the long term to protect and preserve mental health and avoid the risk of health problems. MINDiet constantly monitors new advancements of its own and every related field, and the daily work with its clients also gives an advantage for methodological research and development. While research and development will probably stay in Hungary, MINDiet is starting the training program of mental health professionals in other countries in 2022. Company Name: MINDiet Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]