Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

70 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Aug21015 Rupus Global Limited, a drug delivery company ensuring that life saving products get where they need to go, has made a name for itself by responding to industry challenges with sophistication and tenacity. Despite the hurdles of the pandemic, and the wider implications of attempting to shipmedical solutions to particularly remote areas, Rupus Global Limited has been able to develop systems that can handle these challenges in order to opennewand healthy supply lines. Best Emerging Pharmaceutical Company 2021 - India Based in Hong Kong, Rupus Global Limited is a pharmaceuticals company in the export of lifesaving drugs to the marketplace. With 75 distributors across Asia, Africa, and South America, its focus is on the provision of these lifesaving drugs to underprivileged companies that don’t have access to quality medicines at affordable rates. Fundamentally, this allows it to grant communities with the lifesaving drugs they need, reaching remote corners of the world in order to ensure that no one goes without the medical intervention that they are in dire need of. Being both fully integrated and comprehensive, Rupus Global Limited has both in-house patents and IPS. Moreover, between both of these factors, it is able to enable the research and development of lifesaving drugs at affordable prices and utilise its exemplary delivery processes in order to get what is needed to where it needs to go, going to whatever lengths it must in order to reach its customer base with the best products. With its intensive knowledge of how to ship medical products to remote and rural areas, it is able to guarantee ‘last mile delivery’, every time. Presently, Rupus Global Limited is working on the provision of third generation anti-cancer drugs for its client base. These it is primarily focusing on providing in both Africa and South America, keeping abreast of the diagnostic trends in both of these regions to allow it to respond quickly and efficiently to any increased needs in specific areas, whilst retaining its commitment to keeping costs low. The reluctance of pharmaceutical companies to share life saving drugs, a truly disappointing trend in the wider industry, has resulted in loss of life and unnecessary spikes in infection rate; therefore, it had to answer its own logistical challenges when trying to source lifesaving drugs to import to the countries who need it most. In this manner, Rupus Global Limited responded by mitigating the challenge, utilising its warehouses in various countries and strong financial position to fund the needed fees and deliver to various depots in all manner of different countries. Although it has seen many amazing breakthroughs in its time serving its industry – both in itself and its peers – one of the most important ones has been the uninterrupted supply line of drugs and the increased efficiency of the transport of medical devices that came about during the pandemic. With each medical company directly responding to the increased need that the outbreak caused, the company’s in-house research and development team was extremely busy developing pioneering drug delivery systems so that correct dosages and applications can be guaranteed every time. Furthermore, with the increase in logistical ease, Rupus Global Limited has been able to keep up the service of its clients throughout the past 18 months despite initial concerns that this may not have been possible. Keeping all of this in mind, it is easy to see how Rupus Global Limited has become a pivotal shield in the world’s defence against the outbreak, and it is at present currently commissioning a new manufacturing plant that will help it continue to respond to these needs. Company: Rupus Global Limited Contact: Dilip Sakaria Website: