Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 71 , Ultrakardio is a practice for specialist cardiac activity and the development of medical technologies. Recognised as the Best Specialist Cardiology Practice – Central Europe, Ultrakardio is currently based in Koper but additionally operates in Portorož. We find out more following the practice’s success at the GHPHealthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. Ultrakardio, in Central Europe, is a leading practice renowned for its proficient performance of a variety of cardiovascular examinations. It is continuously active in realising its international orientation. Moreover, Ultrakardio participates in the development of medical technologies, telemedicine, and the latest non-invasive treatment of heart disease. It can connect with foreign companies within the Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania and more. Since its establishment, Ultrakardio has trained its staff in the field of ultrasound diagnostics of the heart and cooperated with the European Society of Cardiology, offering education at symposia and congresses. Furthermore, Ultrakardio collaborates with institutions dealing with cardiology (University Medical Center Ljubljana, Medicor, University Clinical Center Maribor and institutions in the field of cardiology in Austria) and operates in ultrasound equipment production and cooperate with companies in this field. Aug21065 It has since started cooperation with a specialised medical institution abroad (American Heart Institute, Cyprus) and a global health insurance company (Medcam, Poland). Additionally, Ultrakardio cooperates with the Centre for High Technologies in Tbilisi (Georgia) in oncological diseases and their impact on heart function. Within the Ultrakardio specialist cardiology clinic, it performs comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostics in one place according to indications and needs. All the cardiac methods Ultrakardio performs are non- invasive. As a result, patients come to the doctor for a check- up relaxed and can take all the medications they usually take without the stress or pressure of other clinics. Ultrakardio provides services in its specialist cardiology clinic with a full concession within a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. While it specialises in cardiac activity and the development of medical technologies, Ultrakardio can be used free of charge as all its services are available to First Aid policyholders. The medical team at Ultrakardio is led by the experienced cardiologist Siniša Grujić, Dr Med. However, besides professional, expert, and friendly staff, Ultrakardio is also distinguished by modern medical equipment exceeding industry standards. Overall, Ultrakardio is hygienic, knowledgeable, specialised and run within an accessible and pleasant ambience clinic. The Ultrakardio specialist cardiology clinic performs additional examinations such as specialist ultrasounds and Best Specialist Cardiology Practice - Central Europe heart assessments, stress testing, functional diagnostic, and all-day heart monitoring. Further examinations include remote ECG, preventive cardiac examination with analysis of medical records, preoperative diagnosis of the heart and patients and internal medicine cardiology examination. Company: ULTRAKARDIO DR SINISA GRUJIC SPEC. Contact: Sinisa Grujic Email: [email protected] Web Address: