Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

72 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Born in 2010, East Devon Sports Therapy helps a significant number of clients to treat a variety of issues, ranging from soft tissue damage to the management of arthritis. Its expert services have driven it far within the industry as it continues to experiment with the most recent technologies and practices. Here, we take a look at the clinic’s work as it wins Most Trusted Sports Injury & Rehab Clinic - SouthWest England. Most Trusted Sports Injury & Rehab Clinic - South West England As the first practice in the South West to provide the Photobiomodulation laser therapy that is commonly used in elite sports clubs, East Devon Sports Therapy has long been established as a leading provider of state-of-the-art technology for excellent treatment for joint rehabilitation and pain free exercise. East Devon’s services are well known across the South West and it has become a hot spot for clients who need pain relief and the correction of biomechanics for exceptional sports performance. Despite the pandemic, East Devon has been able to remain open as it helps a large number of clients to achieve their physical goals. As this service is essential for pain relief and as a mobility aid, East Devon has stayed open throughout the presence of COVID-19 and continues to support clients from the South West and further afield. Following the addition of its Photobiomodulation laser treatments, East Devon quickly became the first private practice in the South West to offer the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This revolutionary piece of technology allows for the training of muscles and joints in a pain- free fashion, building strength and decreasing side effects of problems such as arthritis. In 2014, East Devon became the first UK supplier of Phits custom 3D printed insoles. These insoles are now commonly used among leading athletes due to their effectiveness in reducing pain and discomfort when exercising. As of late, the NovoTHOR was brought into the Axminster practice so that clients can experience the effects of the whole-body therapy bed. The red-light therapy bed uses near-infracted light to relieve pain and treat injuries as well as increasing blood circulation for healthy muscles and soft tissue. This cutting-edge piece of equipment improves muscle performance for each of East Devon’s endless list of returning and new clients. East Devon also provides Gait Analysis as a diagnostic tool that benefits clients by understanding their exercising postures, so that they may have a better understanding of how to use their bodies. With its Gait Analysis, East Devon is able to advise more efficient ways of exercising that reduce the risk of pain and muscle or joint damage. In partnership with The Flamingo Pool in Axminster, East Devon incorporates Hydrotherapy into its treatments so that it may further reduce swelling and joint pain. By teaming up with The Flamingo Pool, it provides clients with the opportunity to experience exercise in water alongside pressure jets for a jacuzzi effect. Its many services have something for everyone, and it will only continue to change the lives of its clients. By keeping in touch with the most innovative treatments, East Devon helps its clients to stay in shape without unnecessary discomfort whilst lengthening their muscle lifespans. Contact: Guy Sweetman Company: East Devon Sports Therapy Web Address: Aug21111