Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 75 , Precuris provides guidance and acceleration in healthcare and life science projects. Recently recognised as Best Medical Facility Construction & Refurbishment Consultancy – Nordic Region, Precuris has the knowledge and expertise to help participate or take the lead in a wide array of projects. Best Medical Facility Construction & Refurbishment Consultancy - Nordic Region Precuris used to be engineers, working at and for hospitals and healthcare facilities, installing medical technology. Over the years, it became experts in imaging, operation, central sterile services, care ward and cancer therapy – but what mattered was that it got to know the healthcare system from the inside. Precuris discovered that the system was in dire need of project team members with real experience and knowledge of the routines and processes. Deciding it could make a real difference and made significant changes to its own direction. As such, in addition to product expertise, Precuris focused on management and provided guidance and acceleration in healthcare and life science projects. The projects undertaken and their responsibilities grew, and Precuris’ commitment attracted new partners and members within the top-tier of the industry. Every day, Precuris helps people in healthcare focus on what they do best – saving lives and providing hope and life quality. For Precuris, along with management, coordination and general project operations within the construction and refurbishment of other businesses within the hospital sectors, it also has been responsible for providing new medical equipment. Additionally, it is accountable for reviewing essential documentation, quality-assuring data from the medical equipment ahead of its procurement and coordinating the equipment. It is the understanding of its customer base that small companies benefit from an agility and versatility to deliver high quality and that bigger, global businesses are not always the best way to handle projects. Precuris is committed to delivering from day one of a project right up to the final moments. Every single project provides experience and expertise that is integrated into the Precuris mindset ready for each new project. And so, as the industry develops, so too does Precuris. The way of working behind Precuris characterised by commitment, courage, and high-quality deliveries. The aim for members at Precuris is always to be ahead, to not be afraid of contacting and making new contacts, and making sure it is leading development in the healthcare sector so as to see real, tangible changes for everyone. Company: Precuris Contact: Preben Andreassen Web Address: Email: [email protected] Aug21143