Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 77 , With immaculate design, environmentally friendlymaterials, and superb technology, NSC Medical offers its customers the chance to improve their health for less. When it comes to spine and joint health, sleeping on amattress that is either too hard or too soft canmake a huge difference. NSC offers its customers the chance to change the way they sleep and function on a daily basis with its incredible, innovative, and ergonomic mattress. NSC Medical is a company that works with intricate product designs, developments and exclusive technologies via video, on-line and in-store content. Its products are made from original and unique materials that take care of its customer’s bodies and give them peace of mind whilst doing so. This results in pressure point relief as it gives the right amount of support to ensure the correct spine alignment in all sleeping positions. The exclusive technologies that NSC markets are its MEDI- FOAM, MEDI-GEL, and Mattress ARMOUR, which all take care of the customers bones and joints while they rest. NSC created the bed-in-a-box that means a safe, secure, and healthy sleep for those using the beds. By introducing these technologies to hospitals, it has managed to make a huge difference to patients. NSC is environmentally conscious and eco-friendly as it works with materials that are made without ozone depleting factors, PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEPs which all damage the atmosphere. Its mattresses are also made without formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals so that the planet’s health can be protected, as well as ours. Its mattress armour with fire and infection barrier materials protects every user as they sleep. Mattress ARMOUR is breathable and has a fluid barrier that also protects the mattress so that it can last longer and stay fresher than any other form of mattress. Encouraging the vaporization of fluids, NSC mattresses are superior in preventing the build- up and spreading of microbes, fungi, and dust mites. This ensures a healthy, protected environment that stands the test of time. All of NSC’s products are manufactured in certified ISO facilities that ensure only the best manufacturing results. This also means that there is a low return rate, as NSC doesn’t cut corners to save money. It is fairly priced and of high production quality for every one of its products. Best Therapeutic Sleep Mattresses - Mississauga With all of NSC’s research and technology, it is changing the way we see mattresses. From inside the home, to inside of hospitals and hospices, NSC has a solution for all. As a bonus, NSC ensures a great night’s sleep that won’t break the bank or damage the environment. Contact: Shawn Mehta Company: NSC Medical Web: Aug21376