Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

78 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , SionMedical, a company leading the charge in disposable wound care solutions, has been a critical cornerstone of the medical industry throughout the pandemic. Operating across 5 different continents, and with a supply chain that can get its top-of-the-range products to hospitals quickly and efficiently, eachwound care product is sterile and rigorously tested prior to release. Furthermore, its efforts in ensuring sterile and safe wound care have proved invaluable in the reduction of infection across the board. Best Disposal Medical Devices Manufacturer - Middle East The leading manufacturer of single-use wound dressings, Sion Medical provides disposable skin cleansing and dermatologically treated advanced wound care, such as burns remedy and sterile disposable surgical solutions for the professional healthcare sector. Fundamentally, this company’s dedication is the safety of the patients that its clients serve, and so it ensures that each dressing lives up to its commitment to the prevention of infections in the health care sector, working hard to provide hospitals with the best wound care solutions to increase the safety of their patients. Good wound care, in essence, ensures post-surgical and accident and emergency wounds heal quickly and without complication, making the recovery process as easy as possible for the patient and for the professionals in charge of their care. Essentially, with 25 years of experience in the sector that the company boasts as a baseline, Sion Medical has cut its teeth on developing medical devices and OTC drugs across 5 different continents through its exemplary manufacturing and development processes, ensuring that deliveries are quick and efficient. In tandem with them, Sion Medical keeps environmental corporate responsibility at its heart. When delivering its products to where they need to go, it strives to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible, and is a one-stop shop for the healthcare sector across the world due to its diligence and tenacity. From PPE to sterile lubricants and wound closures of all forms, it only provides the best in terms of quality, allowing hospitals access to highly effective and trustworthy products that undergo the highest level of quality checking before they even leave the manufacturing line. Oversight, to Sion Medical, is pivotal to its work. This is what allows each and every one of its products to bear the CE Mark certification, continuing its focus on the prevention of the development of skin issues that other products on the market can cause, offering gentle and effective skin asepsis creams, generic creams, ointments, and gels for topical dermatological burns and applications. Therefore, due to its breadth and depth of experience, this company has seen much challenge in its industry. One such challenge has been managing freight cost, which has increased over time, seeing most Western customers relying on products from much farther East; Sion Medical has been able to step in so that they have an option closer to their operational base. It also believes in working closely with the customer. Far from operating in a vacuum, this company keeps a finger on the pulse of the medical sector in order to listen to and respond to the challenges that it faces, lending it its aid in reducing infections by way of sterile products. Its L-Mesitran Medical Honey product is being worked on to add to this, something that will form a range able to serve the needs of the entire market, performing clinical studies in order to ensure that the product is performing that role that it is needed for flawlessly before it reaches the hands of Sion Medical’s customers. Due to Covid-19, of course, Sion Medical has found itself exceptionally busy, and has been stepping up to the plate to help in every way that is can with its high-quality disposable devices and OTC products, aiding the industry and reducing infection one patient at a time. Company: Sion Medical Contact: Karina Simonsen Website: Aug21489