Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

80 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Camen Behavioral Services, LLC, has been granted both the above award and accredited with the ‘Award for Excellence in Early Intervention Behavioral Health 2021’ for incredible work in its industry. A Floridian company that is slowly expanding its reach, this organization provides applied behavioural analysis therapies for children with specific learning disabilities, providing themwith help in the clinic, in the home, and at school in order to improve their quality of life and equip themwith tools that will remain useful to them long into the future. Most Compassionate Full- Service ABA Healthcare Provider - Florida When Camen Behavioral Services, LLC, began its applied behaviour analysis work, it began with a passion and a dream that allowed it to grow quickly from one clinic into four different locations since May of 2015. Fundamentally, this company’s expansion allowed it to serve the needs of its local area in terms of providing ABA – applied behavioural analysis – therapy for children who are living with autism and other developmental disabilities that make engaging with mainstream learning difficult for whatever reason. Therefore, it provides these therapies by way of expert specialists and the utmost compassion, treating each pupil with the respect and dignity they deserve, employing only those who share its vision and compassion, and are willing to grow from the feedback of families and service users. Being a full-service ABA company comes hand in hand with several responsibilities that it must fulfil. In this way, Camen Behavioral Services provides services across any mediums and in any ways in which the service user will find the most helpful; whether this is in the clinic itself, at home, in the community, at school, or through telehealth, this company promises it will work with a pupil and their family in order to find what works best. Thus, it is dedicated to showing its dedication to its service users by putting their comfort and safety above all else. Differentiating it from its competition, Camen Behavioral Services provides services across all settings where challenging behaviour may occur in order to help a service user find ways to manage, and ensures that those around them have the tools and knowhow in place to be able to help if needed. At present, therefore, it is developing strategies to significantly expand its ability to provide at-home services. In offering its services in an at- home setting, Camen Behavioral Services can work with a child in a safe and familiar environment, and so it is passionate about finding ways to work with families to be able to allow them to facilitate its work. Additionally, it is currently undergoing expansion, adding more clinical locations through which it can serve its service users and operate its logistical side with ease and sophistication, expanding the amount of pupils it can help as a direct result of the expansion and growth of its business. For Camen Behavioral Services, it would say the most present challenge is awareness of ABA. Whilst providing ABA early in life has shown proven long-lasting quality of life improvement for pupils, it is yet to be adopted in a more mainstream sense, and Camen Behavioral Services wishes to lead by example in showing that in fact it should be. It extends its thanks to the families of its service users for trusting it with their children’s wellbeing, promising to continue the quality and dedication they expect long into the future. Its employees, in addition, will be continuing their staunch commitment to the service users by continuing to attend workshops and conferences in order to upskill and continue to learn, keeping Camen Behavioral Services’ finger on the pulse of new developments and breakthroughs as it moves forward towards the bold new projects that the remainder of the year will bring. Company: Camen Behavioral Services, LLC Contact: Camilo Ramirez Website: Aug21527