Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

82 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Oakwood Physiotherapy, a private physiotherapy clinic inNottingham, has made a name for itself by staying at the forefront of its industry’s developments and innovations. Furthermore, it is proud to say that it boasts consistently effective treatment of sports injuries and other pathologies, with equipment and outstanding practitioners who have been rigorously training and educating themselves for years in order to help people reduce pain and increase mobility. Most Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic - Nottingham A physiotherapy and wellness centre based in Bingham, Nottingham, Oakwood Physiotherapy is a private healthcare treatment centre setting itself apart by use of its cutting-edge treatments and exemplary staff. Fundamentally, this clinic has a staunch dedication to always providing the best of the best when it comes to serving its local area with the relevant medical treatments and the most influential new technologies, propelling it to the forefront of its industry with every satisfied patient who walks through its doors. In essence, it serves all manner of clientele from the general public to elite athletes, never discriminating on who has access to healthcare and who doesn’t. After all, this is one of the core tenants of its business, to offer healthcare to those who need to as accessibly as possible. Therefore, it doesn’t see the point in making patients jump through all manner of hoops just to access the treatments they need, building itself up on the basis of believing that the patient is the foremost expert in how they’re feeling and what they need help with. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how it has made itself a darling of the medical sector in the local region, with a roster of patients for whom it is their one- stop-shop for physiotherapy and treatment management. It is now delighted to announce that it is the first practice in the UK to be providing the brand-new MBST, Anthro-Spin- Flex Machine. MBST is highly effective and non-invasive, having been championed by previous patients and healthcare professionals alike as an exemplary treatment option for a vast range of ailments and pathologies. It also offers shockwave therapies, alter-G, and wider physiotherapy services, specialising in aiding people to recover from sports injuries. MBST can result in a 70% reduction in pain for those with degenerative conditions, something that has set itself apart from other physiotherapy businesses in its region. With a unique set of skills found amongst its team, in invites patients of all kinds to get in touch and have a chat with its experts about the conditions they are experiencing, as its highly motivated practitioners are willing to work with every patient in order to find out what treatment works best for them. Essentially, this is the cornerstone mission that forges how Oakwood Physiotherapy operates, striving to provide the most fitting and cutting-edge therapies for its patients in order to reduce pain, increase quality of life, and give them back control over their healthcare. Of course, given that physiotherapy can be so different across different providers, whether in the NHS or through private practices like Oakwood Physiotherapy, it prides itself in offering different kinds of physio. This is part of its dedication to tailoring itself to fit the client. Critically, Oakwood Physiotherapy’s experts will work hard to ensure that they are matched to the therapist who will best match what they seek to get out of physiotherapy, someone who will be able to utilise medical skills and technologies in order to help them achieve their wellness goals, allowing patients to get back to doing what they love. Company: Oakwood Physiotherapy Contact: Ian Andrews Web: Aug21538