Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

84 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , SwissLens manufactures made-to-measure contact lenses for its main client base of optometrists and ophthalmologists to find solutions to specific and complex eye conditions not covered by standard daily or monthly contact lenses. We find out more following the firm’s recent success at the GHPHealthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. Best Bespoke Contact Lenses Manufacturer 2021 - Europe Since 1997, SwissLens has been supplying made-to-measure prescription contact lenses to optical specialists. The combination of its in-house developed manufacturing technologies and the team’s expertise and experience allows SwissLens to offer an extensive product range, with short shipping times, excellent pricing, warranty, and backup. The company has many of high-level knowledge optometrist active across all major European countries. Its customer service department is happy to respond to customers’ needs in any language necessary, such as English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and more. SwissLens supplies contact lenses to hospitals, contact lens practitioners and via its distributors and licensing agreements worldwide. It is committed to building long- term relationships with its lens specialists by introducing innovative and personalised products and services, thus contributing to enhanced lens wearer loyalty. SwissLens can cover almost any eyes condition in soft, Hybrid, RGP, scleral and OrthoK contact lens designs combining suitable protocols, efficient fitting protocols, and a fantastic professional service team. Moreover, SwissLens is expanding its OrthoK offer to solve almost any eye condition (Myopia, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, and Myopic Control) with specific designs, comprehensive protocols and software. Overall, the improvement of the patient experience, both visually and in comfort, is associated with contact lens designs and better integration with the fitter’s instruments. SwissLens recommends a multitude of lens designs, including ‘NightFlex,’ which can correct vision up to -9 dioptric; ‘Hydrocone,’ which is a soft contact lens for keratoconus efficient even with grade 3-4 cones; and ‘Relax,’ which is a fully customised Myopia management lens design with customised zone, customise addition and customised fitting. SwissLens believes that having a good and motivated team and constant investment in new products, fitting protocols and integration with fitters’ tools is key to future successes. Moreover, it is developing a new internet site dedicated to professional fitters in which the contact lenses can be ordered comfortably. Furthermore, it can be calculated and visualised with adequate tools to reduce fitting time and improve first-class success and visual quality for the patient. Furthermore, SwissLens is thrilled and immensely proud of its successes, from its unique and intricate lens designs that it has created to its team and loyal customers to whom it attributes its success. To this, SwissLens is proudly able to add the title of Best Bespoke Contact Lenses Manufacturer 2021 – Europe at this year’s Health and Pharmaceutical Awards. Company Name: SwissLens SA Contact Name: Philippe Kaeppeli Web Address: Email: [email protected] Aug21590