Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 85 , When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, everything changes, because no disease is afflicted with somany emotions. The good news is that because of the many new surgical techniques that have been delivered, 75-85%of those affected can nowundergo breast conserving surgery. And this is Luisenkrankenhaus Breast Center’s specialism, having stood for professional medicine and intensive care since 1997. With its central location at the Medical Center Düsseldorf (the largest medical centre in Europe), Luisenkrankenhaus is easily accessible, enabling quick and easy breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Its team of recognised experts offer breast cancer patients personal, patient-oriented advice and treatment as well as access to the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods – and thus the best individual treatment for breast cancer. With over 700 interventions per year, the doctors have extensive knowledge and experience in providing optimal treatment to patients, along with the best innovative drug therapy concepts and latest surgical methods. From diagnosis to therapy, patients are in touch with a responsible contact person and receive the highest level of commitment and care, and doctors always available for their patients, woman-to-woman, making them feel assured that they are in the best capable hands. Whenever possible, Luisenkrankenhaus’ doctors perform breast conserving surgery. Around three quarters of women are affected by breast cancer in Germany and undergo this surgery and then radiation. The goal is to completely remove the tumour and preserve the breast in such a way that no difference can be seen following the procedure. Should this not be possible, breast reconstruction surgery is an option for those who wish to have their breastrestored. With state-of-the-art technology and specialist knowledge, Luisenkrankenhaus’ specialists ensure the best and safest treatment for each patient. This includes good, detailed and understandable initial discussion about therapy and follow-up care. It is also a matter of course that it offers patients a second medical opinion, motivating admission management and the rapid implementation of the therapeutic measures and equally understandable explanation of the measures. Overall, its top priority is healing – and thus improving or ensuring a good quality of life. Luisenkrankenhaus’ Dr Oksana Möller said, “Today, women rarely leave our operating room without a breast. We can treat breast conserving in the vast majority of cases.” Luisenkrankenhaus attaches particular importance to the quality of stay in its rooms and wards. Resembling a luxury hotel through its interiors, patient stays at Luisenkrankenhaus are characterised by a comfortable, family atmosphere in which they can relax and unwind – Spacious rooms with selected equipment contribute to the rapid recovery of patients. There is also a large dining room in which patients can choose from a variety of dishes and friendly staff will cater for any special food requests. Best Breast Cancer Treatment Specialists – Germany Luisenkrankenhaus also offers a support group, Internationale Senologie Initiative (ISI) which aims to be the point of contact for all women – those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as those who may not be affected but want to find out more about the subject. In addition to regular table meetings, ISI also offers patients a cosmetics seminar and sporting activities. Company: Luisenkrankenhaus GmbH & Co. KG Contact: Martin Elspass Email: [email protected] Web: Aug21606 Dr. Möller and Dr. Darsow