Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

86 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , An exceptional firmwith an accumulated experience of over 30 years, ActiveMedical Supplies supports a wide variety of customers daily. By providing equipment and support to its clients, it is making a huge difference to people’s lives. We talk to General Manager ClydeMuller of ActiveMedical Supplies as it wins two awards at the GHPHealth and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. Best Medical Device Manufacturer – Australia & Customer Care Excellence Award 2021 As a medical equipment company that works in partnership with healthcare workers such as Nurses, Carers, and Occupational Therapists who directly work with clients in the community, Active Medical Supplies is an Australian medical equipment miracle. Its General Manager Clyde Muller shares, “Our focus is to ‘empower carers to sustain life’. We believe that not only the people receiving care need the best equipment, but we also believe that the people providing it should be supported by quality and safe equipment.” By providing only the most ground-breaking services and technology, Active gives opportunities to change lives for the better. Since its inception, Active has been a driving force in the healthcare industry as well as in the manufacturing industry. It has gone from strength to strength with its expert team and lengthy knowledge that has sustainably led it to success. There have been severe difficulties in communication for many businesses over the course of the pandemic, however Active saw a window of opportunity that allowed it to increase its communication success. It came up with creative ways to spread information between internal staff and external customers. Clyde says, “We have had video Zoom calls that have turned into Zoom equipment trials, hosted webinar training, and then also conducted trials in facility carparks so that our clients can get a better understanding of our products.” With its inventive ways of thinking, Active has progressed in a competitive industry that is in high demand. Even with the effects of COVID-19, Active is continuing to thrive and flourish. Its team works tirelessly to discover exciting developments and does everything it can to share its results with the world so that the industry may benefit for a more technologically advanced future. Clyde tells us, “Our team is constantly involving and submerging themselves into the diverse cultures and communities we work with daily. If it were not for the people we meet, the stories we hear, and the unique products we work with, we would not be able to do what we do.” With a team of forward-thinking individuals, Active is reinventing the industry by incorporating every customer need into the work that it does. Active consistently strives for new opportunities for treatments and equipment so that its patients and care suppliers can receive the best options going forward. For long-term support and help daily, Active provides its intricate and compassionate services to ensure optimal results for everyone involved. Contact: Clyde Muller Company: Active Medical Supplies Web Address: Aug21605