Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 87 , With the monitoring of chronic conditions being pivotal to creating care plans for patients, Orikami is giving the medical industry a new and better way of doing this. Bymaking use of AI technology, remote monitoring, and biomarkers, Orikami has focused on neurology andMS in order to help sufferers keep better track of their condition. Presently looking to branch out into helping those suffering fromAlzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as MultipleMyeloma and more, it talks us through how it has made itself a cornerstone company in shaping the future of chronic disease management. Best Digital Biomarker Company 2021 Orikami, a Dutch e-health company specialising in applied data sciences, works hard to develop and implement digital biomarkers. Fundamentally, it does this so it can enable a more personalised healthcare operation for its clients with chronic illnesses, making itself an expert in disease-specific solutions and consultancy projects and services where combined data science/clinical knowledge is required. With its expert team of exemplary scientists at its back, its innovations are the best in the business when specific knowledge regarding chronic illness and the data, science, and clinical knowledge involved in tracking such conditions are involved. It is well on-track to improving 100 million lives before 2030 in this manner. Moreover, it is planning to make its mission a success – improving access to personalised healthcare services – by making health data more utilised by professionals and showing them just how much of a difference it can make in creating an effective long-term treatment plan. For those with chronic illnesses, these treatment plans are absolutely crucial to their quality of life, and so it makes use of real-world patient data in order to put the agency into the hands of them and their healthcare professionals, improving the outcomes of treatments and affordability of healthcare. Its digital biomarkers have been absolutely pivotal in pushing these goals forward. In essence, its partners across the healthcare value chain are those who see the benefit to this, and wish to make it more of an industry standard, with research centres, universities, hospitals, pharma professionals, patient organisations, and healthcare insurance companies supporting its work. Its clinically validated, CE/ FDA certified biomarkers are unique in that the combination of data science expertise and medical knowledge is a bold new frontier. Using these principles to bring additional healthcare solutions and developments to the market allow it to meet all requirements on clinical validation and certification. To delve into more detail on the product proper, from a product development perspective, it works on a modular setup; essentially, the Orikami digital biomarker platform holds all the technology required to build up specific biomarkers, all of which can be reused to enable it to deliver new digital biomarkers in the future. With each one that it makes, the next one becomes easier. This will continue to make it more effective as it moves towards the future, excited to announce that it has patents pending on interpretation of measurement results and visualisation techniques for professionals. Moreover, Orikami has come a long way since its MS sherpa product, allowing for remote monitoring of MS patients (www. . Despite the difficulties of Covid-19 for it and companies like it, as well as the product license fee reimbursement issues for AI solutions, its products have begun making waves in the medical sector. It is sure that this will continue long into the future, showing medical professionals world-over the benefit of AI technology as its exemplary team help its exemplary portfolio grow even further, kicking off new initiatives worldwide and maintaining its leading position in Biomarkers. Company: Orikami Contact: Bert Seegers Website: Aug21607