Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 89 , With superb qualitymonitors able to communicate with all manner of other devices through bothwired and wireless connection, ADLINK Technology GmbHhas made itself a cornerstone of medical technology. Promoting the hygiene, safety, and effectiveness for medical imaging, its products are excellent for sensitive medical and critical care environments, forever putting the lives of the patients first in order tomake their experience more comfortable and the practitioners’ jobs far easier. ADLINK Technology GmbH’s corporate mission in the healthcare market, since its inception, has been addressing the needs of healthcare digitization across the board with a focus on the medical visualization chain. From image to acquisition, and even from image analysis to image processing, this company is dedicated to the digital data exchange and image display that will help medical device OEMs and ODMs, healthcare system integrators, and end users in healthcare institutions to benefit from faster medical imaging. In essence, this will make diagnosis far faster, shortening examination times and improving the patient experience by leaps and bounds, making the process one that is designed with hygiene, safety, and compliance in mind. Therefore, its applications are for use in public health computers, mobile medical carts, endoscopy, C-arm, ultrasound, and more. Its product portfolios have in this manner made themselves renowned across the industry for containing a variety of offerings that will quickly become invaluable across medical work; with its medical panel PCs, surgical monitors, HDBaseT™ connectivity solutions, each product is medically certified and accredited in order to give ADLINK the oversight it needs to thrive. It also offers embedded products to its clientele such as modules, platforms, and graphic processing units. With each of these systems, they can be built into a client’s existing medical technology solutions, enabling ADLINK to fit seamlessly around a client’s existing infrastructure so that costly restructurings are not needed. Furthermore, with over 30% of its revenue invested in R&D, it is dedicated to continually finding the next best solutions. ADLINK refuses to rest on its laurels, always reaching to build the next exemplary component based on the newest advances in science and technology to allow its clients to rest assured that they are paying for the best of the best. ADLINK, in addition, has also just launched its surgical monitor ASM series, emboldened by a revolutionary patented medical design that allows for a hygienic design concept with no venting openings, fan-less cooling, edge- to-edge glass, and no visible screws. Everything has been designed so that cleaning and disinfection is incredibly easy. Further to this, its FPGA graphic controller allowed for the utmost accuracy when processing images, offering both wired and wireless connectivity to allow it to continue to meet the demands of continuously improving overall industry standards and promote the best treatment of patients. Typically, ADLINK’s customers buy products that could last them over 7 years, and thus during this time it will offer upgrades and additions. In the beginning of a client’s interaction with ADLINK, however, it will make this a less common occurrence by guiding a client to the best technological solution for them, working with Intel and NVIDIA to incorporate excellence market ready solutions that further empower ADLINK’s leadership of its industry. In shaping the future of its sector into one that is ripe Best Medical Visualisation Device Solutions 2021 for the advent of better medical technology, it will continue to identify what kinds of technology are needed, and what will work best in all manner of medical environments. The configuring of its surgical monitor series allows this, and with its ASM monitors providing low latency, real-time transmission, its efforts are improving the methods of endoscopic and microscopic procedures across the board, something it is determined will continue as it moves into the rest of 2021. Company: ADLINKTechnologyGmbH Contact: Andre Fortdran LinkedIn: Email: [email protected] Website: Aug21805