Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 91 , Cantel (UK) Ltd is committed to delivering infection prevention solutions, products, and services for caregivers, patients, and health care providers to ensure a healthy environment that saves lives. We speak to its SeniorMarking Executive, Hope Nutkins, about its intricate work in such an important industry. Especially throughout a pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of infection prevention across all industries as well as in our homes. Cantel delivers the best, comprehensive range of infection prevention products and solutions worldwide, ranging from Procedure, Manual Clean, Reprocess, and Dry & Store solutions, to Track & Traceability software that helps customers to reduce risks of infection as well as optimise their wellness achievements. Senior Marketing Executive, Hope Nutkins tells us, “In the UK, Cantel now supports over 250 NHS Trusts and health boards, and provides more than 750 endoscopy, decontamination, and surgical departments with the solutions and training to support their infection prevention goals.” By providing customers with high quality infection prevention services and care, Cantel is paving the way to a healthier future for all. In 2021, Hope tells us, “Cantel has worked behind the scenes to launch its first ever app. It gives customers the ability to request free samples and quotes, as well as the opportunity to browse all products and contact the team. All at the tap of a button.” With this cutting-edge technology, customers everywhere can have access to all of the most important information and products. The presence of COVID-19 has meant that education needed to move to an online platform, so Cantel focused more on the ways that it could adapt to the current situation. “It offered virtual education sessions with clinical partners, tailored to departments, to provide remote refresher training on product operation. These sessions typically covered Infection Prevention Assessments, with prevention key to stopping cross contamination” Hope says. In 2010, Cantel launched single- use endoscope valves. This eliminated the risks of bacteria infecting patients as 56% of valves were detected to have traces of yeast, moulds, and bacterial spores. These studies were done on ‘patient-ready’ reusable valves that were being used in the healthcare industry. Now that Cantel provides single-use valves, it has helped to reduce the infection rates as well as the issues they had with clogging, sticking, or loss of insufflation. Hope tells us, “Cantel also supports its customers with thorough equipment training for staff and ongoing support. It offers free educational Study Days endorsed by the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) where there is access to advice from leading experts in the industry. These events go beyond product and the latest technology and delve into gastroenterology’s best clinical practice.” Consequently, Cantel is making sure that there is a widespread knowledge in the Leading Innovators in Infection Prevention Solutions 2021 industry, so that patients can be cared for more professionally and with regards to the proper guidelines. With its online education and innovative products, Cantel changes the way we see healthcare. It has now become something more accessible and adaptable for a healthier population, with longer life spans. Contact: Hope Nutkins Company: Cantel Website: Sep21013