Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

92 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , With a wealth of knowledge, The Hear Clinic is able to help its clients with a comprehensive selection of audiology related disorders and hearing loss. It focuses on the best evidence-based audiological care for a positive outcome so that clients may live a fuller life. In the wake of the clinic’s recent addition to its existing roster of awards, we hear about its story as it expands in this leading scientific field. Best International Independent Audiology Clinic 2021 Audiology is the study of hearing, balance and related disorders. As specialists in identifying and treating such conditions, The Hear Clinic is helping a range of clients to live their lives to the fullest, despite any problems they may be having. As a fast-developing area of healthcare and rapidly expanding scientific field, audiology has become an area of study that is increasingly more necessary. This field helps all kinds of people to address any issues they have with their hearing and balance as they experience any damage to their ears. It allows the ease of symptoms for a better, clearer future. According to the NHS, in a national study of hearing, 16% of the population have a significant amount of hearing loss, showing that this field is extremely important and required for a better quality of life for an extensive number of individuals. As UK pioneers of endoscopic ear wax removal, The Hear Clinic is revolutionising the industry with its iCLEARscope® wireless oto-endoscope ear camera that helps to diagnose any related problems. With this leading technology, The Hear Clinic is changing the pace for its clients, as it is able to diagnose and treat problems swiftly and with ease so that its clients are rid of discomfort and side effects. Currently, The Hear Clinic is developing a second generation of the iCLEARscope® so that there can be an even more accurate and intricate diagnosis for any ear problems and disorders. This will allow any issues to be addressed in a faster and more efficient way. By moving with the current industry trends and scientific studies, The Hear Clinic has grown incredibly fast and has been able to help to improve the lives of many. The Hear Clinic is developing plans to expand and upgrade to a more spacious premises so that it can accommodate a larger number of clients for the foreseeable future. Despite the problems that have arisen in line with COVID-19, the clinic has remained popular as, like many in the healthcare industry, it has continued to carry out important work throughout this difficult time. Contact: Neel Raithatha Company: The Hear Clinic Website: Sep21172