Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

94 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , CardioRisk Laboratories is a world-class service company focused on early detection and monitoring of cardiovascular disease – the number one killer of men and women in the United States. Best CIMT Testing Specialists 2021 – USA CardioRisk Laboratories offers Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) screening to primary care physicians, cardiologists, and other healthcare professionals and patients to help them identify and reduce heart attacks, strokes, and other ischemic events. A CIMT test provides patients with an assessment of their individual risk for cardiovascular diseases. Throughout the United States, CardioRisk provides proprietary ultrasound image scanning and processing using FDA cleared equipment, patented software, a nationally recognised screening protocol, along with highly trained staff experienced with the most rigid scientific technologies and gold quality standards. This helps to minimise variability between offices and patients, while significantly reducing the risks, capital, and labour expenses associated with operating an inhouse system. CardioRisk maximises office efficiency and convenience by making its services available directly at the physician’s office or local clinics. Measuring the thickness of the intima and media layers of the carotid artery wall enables assessment of the cardiovascular health of patients, including whether there is disease presence or risk of events, and to observe the progression of the disease before the patient presents any symptoms. The test enables the physician to look inside the patient’s arteries to measure the degree of inflammation in the arterial wall. In a 10-year, 100,000 person-year study, IMT technology identified 98.6% of heart attacks and strokes before they occurred – That is better than a home pregnancy test. The CardioRisk CIMT exam was scientifically designed, validated via peer- reviewed published literature demonstrating CardioRisk’s unique protocol which specialises in reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity for heart disease. The test is non-invasive, requires no radiation exposure, no disrobing is necessary, and there are no needle sticks or any pain involved. The procedure only takes 15 minutes. Speaking about his experience with CIMTs, Dr Eric A Goulder, MD, FACC said, “CardioRisk Laboratories is a necessary and great collaborative partner for my practice providing me with reliable and precise reports on the CIMTs for my patients.” One patient, C. Lawhead said, “I could not think more highly of CardioRisk Laboratories’ CIMT scans. These scans are not only non-invasive and relatively inexpensive but a quick and easy way for me to get an extremely accurate reading regarding the current state of my cardiovascular system.” Company: CardioRisk Laboratories Contact: Todd Eldredge Email: [email protected] Website: Sep21220