Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

98 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , For those who suffer from incontinence, even the simplest tasks become more challenging. IncyWincy Ltd’s innovative brand, Kes-Vir™ Swimwear, offers a solution that gives customers back their confidence and dignity. We dig a little deeper in the light of their success in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. Best Incontinence Swimwear Brand (Europe): Kes-Vir™ Swimwear When Daksha Mistry first entered into the world of swimwear, she knew she would have to offer something that stood apart from the crowd. Her brand, Kes-Vir™ Swimwear, is stylish but discreet, empowering anyone who suffers from incontinence the opportunity to spend time in the water without any fears. The journey to success was not easy. It lasted over two years, with a launch in March 2010. From the start, she was exploring what options existed on the market, in the form of nappies, and how this technology could be adapted to create Kes-Vir™ Swimwear. The choice of fabric and accessories was of the utmost importance, with Taksha visiting various technical fabric exhibitions as well as swim fabric and swimwear exhibitions. By the end of the research process, she had found a solution that was durable and able to survive the pressures that day-to-day life has to offer. To many, it might be surprising that there was not already a solution on the market, but while functional incontinence swimwear existed, it was not practical and stylish at all. Kes- Vir™ Swimwear can be easily adapted to ensure a good fit, with every part of the product designed to be chlorine resistant, gentle on the skin and minimum pilling. This gives the swimwear incredible longevity. The ongoing research into this highly specialised field has inspired the next project from Daksha, namely more sustainable swimwear with eco-friendly packaging. During 2020/21 all the exhibitions were cancelled, so the best way to carry out her research was to register to online exhibitions. During the pandemic, Daksha has requested the services of fabric researchers as well as reading online articles on new developments of technical fabric. In the long run, Kes-Vir™Swimwear will spearhead a sustainable collection, one which is colourful for children to wear and discreet enough for adults, but most of all functional and stylish. The pandemic presented unique challenges for Kes-Vir™ Swimwear. Total lockdown, including of pools, meant no one was looking for swimwear, sustainable or not. Using social media and expert advice, Daksha reached out around the world to as many countries as possible. Eventually, clients overseas signed up for the impressive range and this was just enough to keep the business going. Now as venues begin to reopen, the firm is reaching out to these clients to build and develop the new relationships in more normal circumstances. Since 2020, Kes-Vir™ Swimwear has become known all over Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas. It’s the option of choice for those who want a product that delivers in every respect. Creating such a niche product has proven invaluable to many, allowing them to change their lives and improve their health through swimming. Daksha still had many new ideas for products and is growing the team to support this vision. With new technical fabrics and sustainable fabrics appearing by the day, Kes-Vir™ Swimwear has an enormous amount of potential applications. The success of Kes-Vir™ Swimwear is a credit to Daksha. The high level of determination that saw the company begin has allowed it to thrive through even the most difficult of times. That success, alongside unparalleled drive and ambition, is certain to see it succeed for many years to come. Company: Kes-Vir Swimwear – Incy Wincy Ltd Name: Daksha Mistry Email: [email protected] Web Address: Sep21840