Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 99 , Clinical development depends on an efficient clinical supply chain that ensures all parts of a complex puzzle are exactly where they are needed, when they are needed. Intrinseque Health has built a reputation as a team that can deliver this challenging service on behalf of their clients nomatter what. Recognised for their efforts in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021, we thought it is time to have a closer look. Best Global Clinical Development Support Provider 2021 The value of the clinical supply chain has become more and more clear over the last eighteen months as various factors have threatened to slow down or stall some of the parts that allow clinical supplies & equipment to move smoothly around the world. The team at Intrinseque Health are experts in the field, offering a strong procurement and distribution network that has been essential for delivering many urgent and complex projects. Put simply, Intrinseque Health provides a customised clinical development support, with a focus on the clinical supply chain solutions. With a deep understanding of the hurdles involved in clinical trials, they make sure that medical devices, equipment and supplies reach sites on time, and are installed and calibrated so that study timelines can be met. Those organisations that have worked alongside Intrinseque Health have found that they have been able to improve the quality of their data, while maintaining/ reducing study timelines and reducing costs. The team do this through engaging at an early stage with clients, discovering their needs before the trial is initiated. By getting involved at the beginning of the clinical trial planning process, the Intrinseque Health team can build robust, pressure-tested clinical supply plans that factor in the need to adapt quickly to any changes in the market. Quality is assured not just by the strong reputation of the firm, but by its EN ISO 13485 certification. The firm’s impressive ability has seen them welcomed around the world with global operations based in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central Eastern Europe & Latin America. Naturally, the nature of clinical trials has changed enormously over the last eighteen months, and the Intrinseque Health team have found ways of adapting to give their clients the same high quality service that they have come to expect. One of the biggest changes has come in the form of Direct-to-Patient services, reducing the potential for transmission of COVID-19. The team has also expanded its operations by setting up new facilities in new territories, such as; China, Taiwan ROC, EU, with operations growing to meet the urgent need for clinical development. It has never been more urgent, as well as more challenging, to keep the supply chain moving. Decisions on importation Vs Local Sourcing has become extremely important. During importation of products, a study can face unexpected & unforeseen delays, missing study timelines. With its well-established sourcing, procurement & distribution network, Intrinseque Health builds efficient & effective strategies for all clinical trial projects it undertakes. The team’s success comes from their ability to adapt quickly to changes, however, and their reaction to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic has been impeccable. Throughout the crisis, companies have continued to turn to Intrinseque Health, and they have found the same high level of support as before the pandemic. As the firm looks forward, their plans for the future include continuing to expand into far-flung areas where the sourcing and procurement of supplies and equipment remains difficult. This will no doubt necessitate the introduction of unique and innovative solutions in their clinical supply plans. Clinical trials have never had so much focus thrust upon them, but it is the work of teams like those at Intrinseque Health that have ensured they can proceed so smoothly. Despite the difficulties impacting the supply chain, this is a firm that has continued to deliver no matter what. Their success in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards is a credit to them, and we look forward to seeing how they will push the sector forward in the months and years to come. Company: Intrinseque Health Contact Person: Andriyas Silas Email: [email protected] Web Address: H INTRINSEQUE HEALTH Sep21850