International Life Sciences Awards 2017

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2017 11 , Clyz Labs ultimate specific focus is on improving the lives of cancer patients by personalising the treatment but also helping to hasten the drug discovery and time-to-market processes within pharmaceutical industry. The firm works with pharmaceutical industry in high throughput drug screening on human tissues on 3D Cell cultures which helps the early and accurate identification of candidate molecules. Its ability to test candidate drugs prior to first-in-human studies on heterogenous population of human tissue reduces the time- to-market for Pharmaceutical industry both in toxicity and efficacy studies, as animal studies are both time consuming and expensive. The firm’s management team has extensive experience in clinical research and biological research including 3D Cell culture and cell imaging. Within the life sciences industry, Clyz Labs unique selling point is ability to provide containment level 2 testing facilities on heterogenous population of human tissues across different tissue types, with unique academic collaborations to undertake clinical and laboratory research on human tissues. 3D Cell culture techniques have seen significant technological advances in recent years with various newer scaffold systems being available. Clyz Labs has its own tissue culture facilities equipped with latest LI170012 Early-Stage Biotechnology Company of the Year 2017 Clyz Labs is an early stage biotechnology company that provides contract research facilities for pharmaceutical industry for high throughput drug screening and testing ofmolecules prior to first-in-human studies.We profile this innovative firmto find outmore. technologies for tissue culture and cell imaging. In addition, it has access to various advanced super imaging equipment through its collaborative arrangements with various academic institutions within UK. Clyz labs is able to offer automated high and medium throughput drug screening in its unique 3D Cell culture scaffold with industry beating quick turn- around times. Additionally, Clyz Labs values are described in its slogan “Accuracy at its Best”; as such the firm designs every aspect of its protocol which reflects its values – aiming for accurate reliable results which do not compromise quality. Where possible, the firm employs two different techniques with reliable measurements to ascertain accuracy and reliability. Being an early stage company in contract research industry, Clyz Labs aim to provide the best value for the accurate and reliable service for the pharmaceutical industry. The global cancer/tumor profiling market was valued at $13.30 billion in 2012. At the end of 2013, the market was estimated to be $14.99 billion. The global Cancer/Tumor Profiling market is poised to reach USD 61.87 Billion by 2021 from USD 25.82 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 19.1% from 2016 to 2021. Major factors fuelling market growth are increasing number of cancer cases across the globe, the increasing utility of biomarkers, and availability of funding for cancer research. On the other hand, high capital investments and low benefit ratio for biomarkers used in cancer/ tumour profiling are expected to limit Cancer/Tumour Profiling market growth to a certain extent. Looking ahead, as regenerative medicine continues to grow, Clyz Labs foresee further studies on clinical applications of regenerative medicine and tissue culture techniques. Therefore, the firm provides an ideal collaborative partner providing excellent human tissue culture facilities and ability to pursue robust research studies in laboratory and clinical settings alike and looks forward to the first in-human study of its Clyz Cancertain Chemosensitivity Assay later this year. Company: Clyz Labs Limited Contact: Mrs Zalak Kataria Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: A C C U R A C Y A T I T S B E S T !