International Life Sciences Awards 2017

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2017 17 Contact Sciformix: [email protected] Phone: +1 508 898 0012 Website: Locations: USA, EU, India and the Philippines Patient Centricity in Drug Safety: A Future Look Lele believes “Patient centric innovation will be at the heart of the transformation of PV over the next couple of decades and this will likely forever change PV as we know it today. But are we really prepared to implement patient-centric approaches in PV? What steps are required to bring safety to patients, as opposed to bringing patient to safety?” Ultimately, Sciformix needs to adapt to the developments within the life sciences industry, and Chitra says they are at the forefront of doing so. Capitalising on its ongoing success and advanced technologies, Sciformix is well positioned to adapt to the ever-changing industry, and by focusing on integrating science and technologies, the company can look to grow even further. “Across the industry there has been a lot of attention to the opportunities that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning can provide, particularly in terms of big data analysis and automation of data extraction, thereby minimising the manual effort required. Over the next few years there will be an expectation to increase automation and provide further cost savings. Sciformix is uniquely positioned with its combination of domain and IT expertise to be at the forefront of the adoption of these new technologies, which will have a significant impact on the industry.” The patient perspective is an essential component of the drug safety monitoring and risk communication process. PV organizations that incorporate the patients’ “voice” in PV systems and processes would be better positioned over the long term to ensure patient safety and add real value back to the patients by enhancing product benefit- risk profiles. Overall, adopting a patient-centric approach and partnering with patients and public for reporting, analysis and communication of safety data seems to be the way forward.