International Life Sciences Awards 2017

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2017 19 , Extending the research work of the founder of Indian Herbs, Dr. Agrawal added new dimension through development of natural vitamins, amino acids, growth promoters, feed ingredients and complementary feeds, based on research into herbs. He also developed methods of Analysis and standardization of herbal ingredients and herbal formulations. Most Influential Business Person 2017 – Animal Health Care Sector Dr. Sushiel Agrawal, after graduation dedicated his life and as a pioneer, rendered distinguished services over the last 40 years for developing Veterinary Ayurveda as a science of animal health care. This innovativework has nowbecome an internationally recognized science inmore than 45 countries around theworld, as we explore. He initiated research studies on Indian Herbs products in various research institutions in India and abroad and with his guidance and support 194 Scientists have been awarded higher degrees such as M.V.Sc. or Ph.D. for their outstanding research work on Indian Herbs’ products. He has received national and international awards from Government and reputed organizations for creative and innovative work for successfully developing herbal animal health care products and feed supplements. The National Academy of Veterinary Science (India) conferred on him Hony’ Fellowship and Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine (professional national body of Veterinary Medicine scientists of India), presented Award of Honour to him for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences. Dr. Agrawal has given scientific presentations on his innovative work in more than 50 countries around the world.