International Life Sciences Awards 2017

22 GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2017 , Founded in 1946, GOJO is a family owned company with a wealth of experience in the hygiene industry and carries internationally recognised brands, including PURELL ® – one of the most trusted brands for skin sanitising and GOJO ® – their brand for specialised soaps and tough soils cleaning solutions. Recently GOJO partnered with Laboratoires Prodene Klint (LPK) a specialist in professional hygiene, cosmetic and disinfectant products. LPK was founded in 1973 with a history of R&D and innovation in the skin and surface hygiene category. Being a French market leader, LPK has three manufacturing facilities in France, specialising in cosmetics, wipes and biocides, as well as a proven strength in Private Label Solutions. The activities involved in formulating the firm’s skin hygiene and disinfectant products illustrate the philosophy of Laboratoires Prodene Klint and constitute the driver of its growth. The firm’s Impregnated Wipes Division offers numerous concepts: technical, cosmetic and biocidal wipes. Its expertise in the development of dispensing systems enables staff to meet clients’ needs and provide LI170016 Best Specialist Skin Hygiene Product Provider – France & GHP Innovation Award for Formulation Development 2017 GOJO Industries-Europe is a leading producer andmarketer of skin health and surface hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings.We profiled the firmto find out a bitmore about the secrets behind its success. them with the best dispenser/ refill pairing. To ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the company’s products, staff perform controls throughout the manufacturing process. Combining GOJO Industries- Europe with Laboratoires Prodene Klint has brought together market leading brands, scientific and technological expertise in skin and surface hygiene and continued innovation to grow the hygiene category. This gives the firm’s European business, R&D centres of excellence and manufacturing facilities based in France, a support network of sales offices and distribution facilities in Milton Keynes, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon and Frankfurt. The combined business offers a broad product portfolio of skin and surface cleaning and sanitising solutions under the trusted brands GOJO ® , PURELL ® , LPK and PREVEN’S PARIS ® as well as specialised and innovative Private Label Solutions. It is important within the industry that the company stands out from other competitors, marking themselves out as the best option for clients. The company cite innovation and formulation development grounded in science. The firm have remained faithful to the key principles on which their success is built: quality, skill and innovation. The skin hygiene and disinfectant products designed, developed and manufactured by Laboratoires Prodene Klint are used in Healthcare, Food Industry, Industry and Institutional settings. With a cosmetics division manufacturing site located in Annecy and two skin hygiene and disinfectant division production sites in the Parisian region, Laboratoires Prodene Klint are expanding fast. They also have an international presence in Germany, North America and North Africa through their subsidiaries, and in the rest of the world through a network of partners. GOJO and Laboratoires Prodene Klint share a proven leadership history and have made it their mission to continue to drive innovation and growth in the hygiene category. The firm bases its success on its pillars of growth; notably partnerships for the long term, when the firm value long-lasting customer partnerships based on mutual trust and sustained growth. The company possesses a broad portfolio of solutions regarding specialist skin and surface hygiene, solving hygiene issues and needs in any professional environment. GOJO continues to utilise its innovative technology, applying continual investment in R&D, generating category growth through technological and scientific innovation. The firm has great market insight and an understanding of complex needs in each individual market through regional specialists in its global organisation. GOJO works with globally trusted, market leading brands, which are redefining workplace safety through innovative and sustainable skin & surface friendly solutions. Looking to undertake some exciting future projects, GOJO will look to expand on its trusted brands to diversify its already strong clients base. Offering a variety of products, the company’s services can attract all types of clients. The products offered range from hand soap and hand sanitiser to dispensers and heavy duty hand cleaners. Alongside these products, there are wall plates and spacers, floor and wall protectors, skin conditioner, wipes and stands. Contact: Kerrie Doughty Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Units 5&6 Stratus Park, Brinklow, Milton Keynes, MK10 0DE, UK Phone: 01908 588 457 Website: