International Life Sciences Awards 2017

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2017 7 , Founded in 1988, RAFT is now approaching its 30th anniversary. Throughout this time the charity’s pioneering work has changed the face of healthcare. More than 100 of RAFT’s projects are in use in hospitals and clinics throughout the world, and every day patients are benefiting from its discoveries and treatments. Dr Garcia outlines the organisation’s ongoing mission and how it works to achieve this through its projects. “At RAFT, our aim is to ensure that every person who suffers a wound or major tissue trauma regains their quality of life, independence and dignity. To do this we undertake ground- breaking research into tissue regeneration, using cutting edge techniques to achieve transformative results. “Our current priority projects still reflect our long-standing commitment to helping those severely affected by trauma, disease and birth defects. Our goals are ambitious, and we are looking to raise £3 million to fund five research programmes to develop kinder, more effective treatments which will have a real impact on patients’ lives, including the development of customised 3D-printed facial implants for people needing Most Dedicated Medical Research Company 2017 - UK RAFT is an innovative medical research charity with an outstanding track record. Dr Elena Garcia, Director of Research, tells us more. craniofacial reconstructive surgery, improving breast reconstruction techniques for women who have had to undergo a mastectomy as well as developing ‘intuitive bionic arms’, eliminating the need for wires.” In her concluding comments Dr Garcia is eager to emphasise RAFT’s unique features and how these showcase the dedication of the organisation’s experienced and committed team. “Ultimately, RAFT receives no government funding, so we rely solely on the generosity of foundations, companies and individual supporters to be able to have such an impact on the lives of patients. However, this also means we can be totally independent and deliver the research patients need within a relatively short time frame. Our research projects are truly translational, moving from laboratory bench to patient bedside within a few years. “In addition, we are also unique in that we are the only UK medical research charity which both funds and carries out its own self-commissioned research. We engage with world- leading medical professionals and scientists to ensure high standards and expertise. Our prestigious reputation as a pioneer in the medical field is owed to the quality of our research and the life-changing impact it has for patients.” Name: Sarah Levene (Trust Fundraising Manager) Telephone: 01923 8444760 Address: Leopold Muller Building, Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 2RN Charity no: 299 811 Email: c[email protected] Web Address: LI170008