International Life Sciences Awards 2017

8 GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2017 , With more than 30 years of analytical testing, regulatory expertise and project management experience PWC Solutions provides tailored / appropriate suites of robust testing and support services to ensure our customers products fully comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulations enabling them to reduce their risk and focus on key business objectives. This includes all the physical and chemical testing requirements as well as the administrative requirements e.g Cosmetic Product Safety Report. Wendy discusses how the firm’s history has led it to the success it enjoys today. “PWC Solutions was originally incorporated to provide support to the small to medium enterprises. Our previous experience in the corporate world gave us a unique insight into defining our service provision to the SME’s and ‘Cottage Industries’. Drawing on this experience, we can provide the full package of services which means that clients do not need to expand their supplier base to meet their regulatory needs. We pride ourselves on being a ‘One Stop Shop’. “As we understand that clients need a bespoke service tailored to meet their needs, we work closely with all our clients to LI170007 Best for Cosmetic Safety Assessments 2017 - UK PWC Solutions Limited provide tailored and appropriate suites of robust testing and support services to ensure that clients are able to reduce their risk and focus on their key business objectives. Wendy Callaghan tells us more about this innovative range of services. provide a ‘fit for purpose’ service as no one size fits all, the cosmetics and personal care industry is so diverse that each client’s needs vary.” Looking ahead, PWC Solutions are to build upon their current success and grow even further, as Wendy concludes. “To support our clients in this ever evolving market, we have recently started providing Responsible Person Services to both EU and Non-EU clients which we see as being a growth area for our business, providing us with many exciting opportunities.” Contact: Wendy Callaghan Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre, Dover Drive, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 9BF, UK Phone: 01244 888 695 Website: