International Life Sciences Awards 2018

10 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , Rushcliffe Hospital is a purpose built 16 bed Independent Mental Health Hospital, located in Port Talbot, South Wales. It provides a locked rehabilitation environment for men who are looking to integrate back into the local community following rehabilitation. The hospital’s full multi- disciplinary team provides a strong professional direction which enables the smooth transition through its mental health services, and the patient LI180008 Best in Mental Health Rehabilitation 2018 - UK Rushcliffe Hospital provides person centred mental health provision within the seaside community of Port Talbot, Wales. group benefits from group work, community access and therapeutic interventions. The strong ‘nurse led’ team are ably supported by the Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Singh, who has recently been voted as Consultant for Best Psychiatric Team Award for the Midlands and for Best Poster Presentation for the Delivery of Psychiatric Care (Howard White Memorial Prize). Each member of staff draws on their vast professional experience to support their patients, and are all totally focussed on positive outcomes for the patient group. Every year they face the twin challenges of evidencing good practise and best outcomes for each individual patient in a cost- effective manner, and they rise to this challenge admirably. As part of this, they always aim to include in their therapies a range of outdoor activities in the community. Being based in Aberavon offers the hospital a range of benefits in this area, including being located beside one of Wales’ Blue Flag Beaches and promenade. As such, the hospital is able to offer a range of outdoor therapies which includes fishing, cycling, wind sports, park excursions as well as individual pursuits. Looking ahead, over the coming years the hospital will continue to enhance its service offering and expand its reach, and there are already plans in place to move into the East Midlands and beyond. Ultimately, as people live longer and have to deal with more complex health problems more community based projects such as Rushcliffe Hospital will be needed more than ever, and as such the facility aims to continue providing its award- winning support for many years to come. Company: Rushcliffe Hospital Contact: Karen Noon Address: Scarlet Avenue, Port Talbot, Wales, SA12 7PH, UK Phone: 01639 895229 Website: