International Life Sciences Awards 2018

12 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , Established in 2015, Mirador offers clients high quality analytics work within drug development supported by strategic recommendations, proprietary analytical tools, and additional consultancy services from its experienced people. Jamie provides us with a more detailed insight into the firm’s vast service offering. “At Mirador, we work within healthcare data compliance and within global commercial drug development stages of a compound’s pathway to market. These two main areas tie together through our company tagline ‘seeing beyond data’, as we not only gather and analyse data for our customers, but also use our experienced team to give strategic recommendations on how our clients can move forward based on our analysis and insights. “As such, our services are split into two main areas; global commercial drug development, and health data compliance services. Global commercial drug development encompasses; global commercial strategy development “US, EU and Global” Forecasting and Asset Valuation, as well as launch planning. “Meanwhile, Healthcare Data compliance includes HIPAA and other Statistical Disclosure Risk Reports, Health Data Compliance Strategy, as well LI180013 Best Pharmaceutical Data & Analytics Company Mirador Analytics Ltd is a data and analytics company working within healthcare data and the pharmaceutical sector. As part of our round-up of our International Life Sciences Award winners, we invited Jamie Blackport, Mirador Analytics’ CEO, to talk us through the firm and its service offering. as other support and advice services surrounding our statistical risk analyses. This is aimed at healthcare data solution providers and also our pharma clients who we work with in global commercial drug development. By offering such a comprehensive range of services we are able to provide our clients with the support they need in this vital sector.” Technology plays a key part in this market, and as such Jamie is keen to explore the solutions that Mirador offers to its valued clients. “As an established player in the healthcare data analytics space, we find technology to be an important part of our offering, we have used our peoples’ experience combined with customer validation to build frameworks and structure around some of our services. We have built analytical tools that we use as part of our offerings to make analysis simpler, quicker and more consistent throughout the lifecycle of a compound’s commercial development. Within Global Commercial Drug Development, our forecasting and evaluation services include our online Asset Evaluation Tool (AET) and also bespoke forecast models, which helps clients to evaluate the potential of their compounds. The Asset Evaluation Tool, the brainchild of Chris Watson an industry and forecasting veteran, makes updating and altering forecasts easier than traditional methods, through simple entry and user-friendly outputs. We try to keep our bespoke models simple to use and also have clear and consistent