International Life Sciences Awards 2018

14 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , Best Healthcare Staffing Solutions Provider 2018 Established in 2015, Ver2 uses digitalization and connectivity to improve healthcare capacity, access, quality, and efficiency via its cloud-based, connected health, education, and research platform. The firm acts as a one-stop-shop for all of its clients’ telemedicine needs, which will increase their workforce capacity and provide access to specialists and second opinions. At the forefront of the latest industry developments, Ver2 is on the leading edge of incorporating both Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence onto its platform. The firm has already been using Blockchain technology for the past six months within its education service module and will soon be incorporating it into its remote monitoring services to enhance Ver2 is an integrated, multi-specialty, telemedicine services provider offering a full range of telemedicine services, including radiology, pathology, cardiology, stroke assessment, remote patient monitoring, and much more. Profiling the firm alongside CEO and Founder Brian de Francesca, we explore the secrets behind its success and how it came to be recognised in our prestigious International Life Sciences Awards. authentication of data signals and patient identification. Alongside this, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly entering healthcare, there will soon be thousands of AI algorithms that will provide great value to healthcare systems. Ver2 will carefully select the best of breed and integrate them into its platform for the benefit of its entire ecosystem, and as such it is presently vetting multiple AI products for diagnostic imaging that will be implemented by next quarter. Led by renowned healthcare technology expert Brian de Francesca, the firm works hard to ensure success. Brian has over 20 years international healthcare experience. He lived in Thailand for over a decade, where in addition to founding the region’s first biomedical engineering company – Asia Bio Systems; he also worked with Bangkok Hospital and Bumrungrad Hospital – both of which receive large numbers of medical tourists each year that benefited from his innovative use of telemedicine to support inbound and outbound medical travel. He later worked for Johns Hopkins in Abu Dhabi, where he was responsible for a wide network of healthcare facilities. It was during this period that he refined his vision for a Virtual Healthcare Service Platform, which eventually became Ver2. He is an advisor to IRYO – a European company that is developing one of the first cloud- based electronic health records, incorporating a full Blockchain technology foundation. He is an advocate for the formation of global research collaborative exchanges – to include not only humans, but synthetic intelligence (AI) as well. Brian is also an active member of The World Future Society. Three years ago, Brian founded Ver2, and today the firm is an innovative telemedicine services platform, that received an Expo2020 Global Innovator’s Grant for its “Connecting Minds” medical education work in Africa. Ver2 was the first company in the world to successfully use Blockchain to support tele- LI180015