International Life Sciences Awards 2018

GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 15 Company: Ver2 Digital Medicine| Contact: Brian de Francesca Address: i-Rise Tower, 30th Floor, Office C-08, Dubai, UAE Phone: 971 4554 6292 | Website: medical education; and they are in the process of incorporating various artificial intelligence applications into their diagnostics platform modules. One of Brian’s personal goals is to connect 700 refugee camps to healthcare and education resources over the Ver2 Platform. As part of his focus on achieving this, Ver2 has undertaken an ambitious new project whereby it provides and manages connecting platform service technology, in partnership with Walk-With-Me, which provides the on-the-ground resources and logistics. The foundation of this program is an innovative electronic health record system that will be made available to all refugees, everywhere, with the long-term goal being modular telemedicine enabled clinics in 700 camps, connected to remote doctors and teachers via the Ver2 platform. Ultimately, this latest project is only the beginning for Ver2, and the firm has a bright future ahead as it seeks to further support the disadvantaged through its unique solutions. Ver2 is the platform upon which the industry is building the future of medicine, and as such the firm will continue to evolve and adapt its solutions over the years to come.